How to Balance Penn Foster Studies

Many people usually do struggle in striking a balance between their studies and family. Most of the time, the majority tends to concentrate on one area, and in a long run to ignore the other one. It is very crucial to ensure that he/she comes up with a good mechanism of balancing between Penn Foster’s studies and the one’s family. A family is an important aspect of every human being’s life, and it is usually hard for anyone to do without a family; thus, as a mother or a father you have to ensure that you provide your family well, and you are always with your family when it needs you. On another hand, in this age of competition in order to have a competitive advantage instead of your work you have to go back to school and pursue the job on the training courses. The family and education are two vital elements of any person’s life, and a balance has to be arrived to ensure that no aspect is ignored.

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Back in 2004, I heard of Penn Foster, and I decided to enroll into the online course in Legal Secretarial; I managed this through my career school. When I was enrolling for this course, I was a supposed to take care of my granddaughter being one year old. At the same time, I was working as a full-time administrative assistant. I was forced to sit down and come up with a strategy that would help me balancing between my work, studies and taking care of my granddaughter. The course was very interesting and enjoyable considering that I had 20 years of experience as a secretary. Also, I was influenced on making a choice to pursue this course due to its self-paced character; and the payment of the fee was favorable to me. I was supposed to make the easy monthly interest payments. It had taken ten months for me to complete it, and my general performance was very good. I managed to receive my certificate after the completion of my Legal Secretarial course in 2006.

After completing my certificate course, I decide to pursue a degree in Penn Foster College, and I enrolled myself into the school of business for a degree course in business management in late 2006. I came to realize that it was not too late for me to get this degree, and I could devote the time for it from my busy schedule. I was inspired by a core worker who had managed to get a master degree for herself while raising two children and working as a single parent. I was also driven by the desire to have the acquired degree in our family of four siblings.

The associate degree was so involving compared to my earlier course. I was supposed to submit various assignments on time, and in some time I was supposed to start the field work. This was so challenging as I had a baby which I had to provide with all the needed and at the same time had to attend my work. It is during this time that I had to come up with a program enabling me to attend all my duties effectively and efficiently. I had to ensure I had been working for a long time to complete my assignments and sometimes I forgot about my sleep in order to achieve my educational dreams and goals.

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With the help of my course mates and tutors, I did well in all subjects, even though I did not perform well in the accounting units, and I had to retake the accounting unit for the second time that resulted in my extension for the study period of six months. The factors that helped me to balance my studies and family is a team work, the positive attitude, and, finally, the sacrifice that I made by denying for me many things for the sake of my family life.

In conclusion, in order for the one to balance between Penn Foster course and family, one should develop the spirit of working in a team, develop the good time management and attend all the assignments and households on time. The high level of self-discipline is required in order for the one to succeed in life as well as to have the ability to manage stress. It is possible for the one to succeed in his/her course and to maintain your family at the same time.

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