How to Create a Plan for Positive Influence


The essay critically evaluates how a plan for positive change is created. This is done on the basis of an imagined team I have been given to manage that has been assigned a large project-installation of a power plant.

Motivation has been defined as psychological activation of goal-oriented behavior or a mental feature that arouses individuals to act towards a desired outcome; this is usually done by apart from good remunerations, other allowances such as travelling, rewards for being the best employee among others (Robbins & Judge, 2007).

Job satisfaction refers to a pleasing poignant state that results from the assessment/review of an individual’s job, an effective reaction to an individual’s job and an attitude felt by such an individual about the work. Job enrichment, rotation and enlargement, employee involvement, management styles and culture, employee empowerment are mechanisms used to attain employees’ job satisfaction.

Performance generally refers to the way or efficiency with which something reacts or attains its desired purpose. It has been argued that motivation and job satisfaction are vital to efficient performance. The team is defined as a group/collection of persons who interact with each other in order to attain desired common objectives/purposes. These individuals complement each other in order to maximize their strength (Murphy, 2009).

It is worth noting that a team is made up of the various and diverse group, coming form different walks of life, different cultural background, different political viewpoints, religious view and more so individualized attitudes, core values, attitudes, personalities and emotions. Coined in the fact that success of any project rests on the hands of all the team members, it is only rational to harmonize all these differences to the advantage of the project and this can successfully be done by creating a plan for positive influence.

Plan for positive influence

After carrying out Dominance Influence Steadiness Conscientiousness (DISC) assessment which aid workers know the reasons of carrying out their duties, Emotional Intelligence Score assessment that aid in predicting performance and the Values and Attitude Insights that brings to light actions of the manager, a plan for positive influence can thus be developed (Robbins & Judge, 2007).

The first step is to have in place an effective channel of communication, listening to those around us will help the team achieved it predetermined goals. This will allow the manager to have access to the results from the three assessments hence act accordingly by again channeling back the findings to his/her team.

By showing the team members that what is desired is in line with the policies and procedures and are consistent with the requests and directives of the management. Talking authoritatively and confidently, citing higher management when making your request help in influencing the team positively.

A strong positive plan is by modeling, in this case, the manager will behave in a manner that will set an example to the rest of the team members, for instance being punctual, follow laid down procedures and guidelines-generally doing and demonstrating the right way to do things. The manager has to mentor, coach assess performance and provide feedback. Those team members that respond positively to the approach treat them with empathy, consideration, respect, provide encouragement. Practice what you preach (Wendee, 2009).

Similarly, giving something of value in monetary or whatever form in return of what has been offered by members in line with the managers requirements. Always create a win-win situation with the team members by negotiating, exchanging favors and bargaining. For instance, award prizes to individuals who successfully and positively contributes to the attainment of the predetermined goals. Trust is paramount here; the manager should at all costs avoid hidden agendas (Robbins & Judge, 2007).

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Make the entire process all inclusive and participatory as possible. This will make the team feel they are part and parcel of the project and will give all there efforts in achieving the desired purpose. Including them in making decisions, problem-solving gives the member opportunities to not only learn but not to reject the outcomes of the decisions arrived at. Creation of network of followers and building consensus is vital (Robbins & Judge, 2007).

Managers behaving in a warm and a friendly manner intended to influence other team members to cooperate is key. Such managers build a good rapport as they listen actively and carefully as well as addressing issues that are in common between the manager and his followers. This provides the members the opportunity to freely communicate with their managers.

It is also important for the manager to logically persuade his/her team members. It is necessary to use evidence to justify or explain a position taken and at the same time rely on knowledge of experts to provide factual reasons with the support of tables, figures, and data as evidence. Always, the manager opts to explain his/her request as well as the proposed course of actions to be taken to team members. This will give them a limelight and support the request.

Team manager appealing for value to individuals’ emotions, values, feelings, inspires cooperation within the team. Showing commitment, enthusiasm, passion, and dedication coupled with being motivational and always think and speak of the predetermined goals and objective are positive practices that influences the entire team. Value alignment is paramount to successful completion of any project. Continual improvement in job design during the entire project is also a positive practice, for instance job enrichment, job enlargement and job rotation enhances job satisfaction as well as boredom (Murphy, 2009).


It is worth noting that success of any project rests on the hands of employees who have in themselves differences in values, attitudes, culture, and political view religion among others. It is thus important for the team leader to harmonize all these for the betterment of the team in achieving the desired goals, which is only possible when employees are motivated and satisfied.

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