Human Resource Management Issue

Human Resource Management is a practice that has been in existence from days in the memorial. Human Resource managers have helped employers to manage their employees by providing them with relevant records pertaining to each and every employee. The human resources manager also informs the employer on the shortage of any section of the workforce as he will be responsible for conducting regular checks on the places/stations that have shortages and conducting a fresh recruitment exercise in order to replace or add workforce on the section that is experiencing the output shortage (Armstrong, 2006).

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Human Resources Manager personality is the key determinant in the success of an organization, as the individual is able to apply his managerial skills in efforts that will motivate the employees of the organization and with the correct practice of his Human Resources role (Michael, 2006). This will create a peaceful existence between the manager and the employees thus improving the productivity of the employees and this will enable the organization to experience great success and vise-visor.

Human Resources department has some key significant functions that make it the most important department of an organization (Legge, 2004). Because it has the duty of determining the staff shortage, training and recruiting new employees, setting and supervising the performance of the staff, ensuring that high perfumers are rewarded and managing the employee compensation, benefits, personal policies and records (Ulrich, 1996).

However, Human Resource Management has experienced rampant change as in the past 20-40 years. In the past situation, organizations hired Human Resources personnel in order to conduct odd tasks which includes keeping records of matters that pertains to hiring of the employees (Legge, 2004). The emerging new managerial skills organizations have noted the important role played by the human resources department in ensuing that the recruitment of the employees is conducted in a professional manner, at the same time ensuring that the employees are provided with the relevant training that will enable there output to be very high and relevant to there job. The department will provide the employees with motivation and this is by rewarding and compensating the workers for any harm or good work they encounter during their working hours (Michael, 2006).

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Human Resources Management has changed in the past 40 years, as a result of Globalization as the world today has become a global village, as most organizations have extended their products and services internationally (Rioux Et al. 2006). These organizations require their employees in there to overseas branches to be of high professional standards that would be able to provide stiff completion to their local and international competitors (Rioux Et al. 2006). The fear faced by the organizations in their efforts to cub competition from other globally and local organization has posed a big threat to the organizations and they have decided to hire very qualified Human Resources managers. Who will provide adequate recruitment that will enable the organization to have the best employees that will be capable to generate stiff completion to the other organizations and also cope with the new world economic crisis (Czenter, 2002). This is commonly experienced when these companies send their own human resources managers who travel to all the stations that have there branches to conduct the recruitment and eventually provide the recruited employees with sufficient training (Czenter, 2002).

New technology has brought changes in human resource, as each organization adapted to new technological changes in efforts aimed at maximizing the organizations output and provide better services to their clients, (Frantzreb, 1998).Many organizations have decided opted to conduct their practices through the use of new technology this is where the human resources managers shifted from using the old way of storing employee records in papers and files to the modern way in the computers. Hence, enabling an interactive way of the recruitment of their staff this is through the internet and other mediums to communicate to their employees (Frantzreb, 1998).

With most companies shifting their production and producing a lot of a variety of products that enable them supplement cater for their customers needs (Michael, 2006). The organizations are therefore required to recruit the most experienced employees that would provide quality services to there customers and this has enabled them to cater for diverse needs of their customers. This has enabled the organizations to fulfill the customer’s needs through the use of the proper human resources skills (Michael, 2006).

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Thechanges in Information Technology (IT) has opened up avenues that enabled organizations to share there products to their customer. While, most organizations do this in order to provide competition to other organizations and provide quality services and products to their customers. This has enabled these companies to provide the necessary replacement of employees in case of any shortage and this will enable the company has the best product to its customer (Legge, 2004).

Ethics has to be practiced in Human Resource order to regulate the employee and the management team as through proper relations between these two bodies an organization will realize maximum profit and vise-visor (Ulrich, 1996). Therefore, the Human resources managers should be well trained and have correct interpersonal communication that will enable him to practice good relations between him and the other employees and avoid ill practices such as recruiting unqualified employees just in order to impress themselves(Ulrich, 1996).

Human resources are a very important aspect in an organization as it’s seen as the backbone of the organization and the determinant of the success or failure of the organization. Therefore the success of the organization should be placed into a lot of consideration that will enable that company to retain best type of employees that are well motivated to work for their organization as they feel that the origination because they are rewarded by the organization and they also don’t feel oppressed by the organization.

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