Human Resources and Job Design for Samuel Adams

Human resource strategy refers to the planning done in the organization so that employees can perform their duties exceptionally well without forcing them. Boston Bear Company is one of the leading brewing companies in the US. It has employed more than 750 employees, who work in the three breweries in Ohio, PA, and Boston (Mittelman, 2007, p. 132). Samuel Adams Boston Lager is one of the beer brews. Due to the dynamics in the Human Resource function, it has developed extraordinary skilled and competent employees. This has led to continuous improvement of the company’s performance due to experienced and committed employees (Gavin, 2006, p. 94).

This means what people do to accomplish organizational objectives, goals, and mission and this has been adopted by the human resource manager when carrying out HR planning. This has helped the employees achieve the set objectives and goals within the period. Measuring how well they are doing is critical because it will help in determining whether the objectives have been achieved (Mittelman, 2007, p. 134).

Boston Company has advocated for HRM strategy that will help the human resource department in implementing specific functions. Human resources are vital in an organization because they determine the success or failure of the organization. The HR functions include disciplinary procedures, HR plan, reward or recognition policies, recruitment, and selection policies (Mittelman, 2007, p. 136). This means the strategy adopted correspond to the business strategies of the company. Typically, HRM strategy is correlated with the organization’s overall strategy. The functions of HRM are explained, and implemented using the HR strategy, which guide in the achievement of the objectives (Gavin, 2006, p. 97).

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Corporate strategies are formulated with the presence of one of the HR representative because Samuel Adams principles will guide in the entire process due to the knowledge and skills of HR strategy. Therefore, HR strategy is critical in the success of the firm because it will ensure the firm has the most experienced and qualified employees. This has been critical especially in the case of Samuel Adams in the business operation. In addition, this is important because the HR strategy will ensure feedback is received on the progress in the organization (Mittelman, 2007, p. 137).

Labor planning

Labor planning in human resource department is crucial in the company because work allocation and assignment is crucial and Samuel Adams has adopted it. In addition, Samuel Adams has used labor planning to build the workforce that support the mission and goals of the company. In addition, labor planning will ensure the right number of employees with the required skills and experienced. This has ensured the anticipated goals and objectives of the organization are achieved. After the organization has the right number of employees with experience and qualifications, it will train and develop them so that they can be motivated to work towards the achievement of the goals and objectives of the organization (Gavin, 2006, p. 98).

The following are the specific labor planning in the company

  • The company has developed a brewery leadership human resource department that will ensure high priority is given to the employees.
  • Guide and support the leadership in the brewery by allocation of roles to the employees that will guide employees in achieving the set goals of the company.
  • Manage and motivate the employees in the HR department. This system has helped the company in labor planning (Mittelman, 2007, p. 138).
  • Set the systems and guidelines used in recruitment and selection of employees. There are minimum requirements for each job in the company.
  • There is a thorough process used in selection and recruitment of the labor force in the company. This helped the company have the most experienced employees; hence, leading to production of high quality products (Gavin, 2006, p. 99).

Labor planning is critical because it will help in the determination of the workforce required in the company. This will ensure there are no shortages of labor in the organization (Bratton & Gold, 2001, p. 237).

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Job design

Job design is crucial in human resource because it aims at reducing dissatisfaction and alienation of employees from the mechanistic and repetitive tasks in the organization. Productivity levels in the organization can be improved through job design that was adopted in the Company. This has been achieved by offering the employees with non-monetary rewards such as satisfaction from the sense of personal achievement and sense of belonging. Job design will entail job enlargement, job simplification, and job rotation. The employees in the company are satisfied because of the job design that has been developed (Gavin, 2006, p. 102).

In addition, job design has been critical because:

  • It has ensured human resources are allocated their specific jobs.
  • The employees have the capabilities and skills required to perform their roles (Gavin, 2006, p. 104).
  • The tasks are allocated depending on the time that is needed to be achieved.
  • The reporting structures are set so that confusion and conflicts are reduced in the organization.

Job allocation is necessary in job design because employees will be assigned their duties and obligations accordingly. This has helped the company achieve its set goals and objectives (Mittelman, 2007, p. 139).

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