Human Rights Watch

According to the situation in North Korea, there is a violation of basic human rights of its population. Even though North Korea is a member of international right treaty which includes right protection contained in its constitution, which allows for human rights protection. In North Korea, there is a violation of these rights which demands immediate action. (Armitage, Richard, & University, 1999)

Factors going to be a challenge to us when relating to this country of North Korea must be considered by nations when relating to each other. These factors one uses in relating with one another includes, power, leadership, interests of nations in this country, inequality of state power, military capability and economic capability of different nations concerned in this affair. Considering these factors helps in ensuring it becomes easier in terms of foreign diplomacy between countries.

As the human rights watch body, we have come with policies of protecting citizens rights of the people of this country. This policy is protecting the rights of the people of North Korea. This is fundamental to any country in order to have peace and stability in countries. As a body, we are stating this policy will help restore peace in North Korea and people will enjoy life and living there. Without doing so, perishing of a lot of people is going to happen yet we are there watching a nation collapse. (Hart-Landsberg, 1998)

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There is a lot of violation of human rights in North Korea, therefore, leading to the carrying out of this study. There is a violation of human rights without the government taking action. They include freedom of religion of the people of that country. There are persecutions of Christians in the country. People go to prison and are subject to torture and worse treatment because of their faith. (Haggard, Stephan, & Marcus, 2007)

Another importance of protecting human rights is that right now there is a violation of rights of freedom of movement in the country. North Korea citizens cannot freely move around their country. There is force resettlement of the citizens as a way of punishment due to political reasons. Freedom of the citizen is of limit only to how loyal one is and politically reliable the citizen is. (Downs, 1999)

Freedom of the press is of limit in this country; the government is strictly controlling its entire media. Only the national media are working, and it only focuses on promotion of personal cults surrounding Kim II-Sung and Kim Jong-II. Freedom of the press is crucial to the national has it to allows citizen right to information. (Breen, 2004)

Other violation of human rights in North Korea, include violation of minority rights whereby currently immigration in North Korea is impossible now. The population of North Korea is only comprises of one group now in the nation. Only a few immigrants that have gone to North Korea are spouses from Japan of Koreans who returned from Japan from the year 1995-1980. These forces Japanese to assimilate, and for most of the part, there is report that those who return are not fully accepted into North Korea society. There is strict monitoring of Foreigners who visit the countries by the government and to add they forbid them to visit some certain locations in the country.

Freedom of expression in the county experiences violation; there is forcing of people to follow a socialist way of life. The government does not allow any citizens to alter channels they like so as to make it possible to receive broadcast from other nations if one of found to be doing so there are consequences he or she faces. Disabled rights expression violation also whereby in North Korea babies born with physical defects put to death and buried when they are born. This is against human right there is also confirmation that there is grouping disabled people in the country and sent to special camps in the country. People diagnosed with autism, and other disorders there is often persecution of them. And, there are also forcing prostitution in the country where girls as young as 14 years old are subject to prostitution. (Cumings, 2003)

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Enacting of these goals is highly significant to North Korea. Though it may be faced by some constraints and ability of nations to work together to ensure human rights in North Korea, is fully enacted. The cost involved will be an estimated cost of us$ 80 million, with our budget we are able to meet about 45% of it and require assistant. To enhance this, we will require partnership with countries that have come today so as to make it successfully. As a body, we are running out of time people are continuing suffering if we do not act right away this demand immediate action. We have come up with a clear time limit in the next four months we need to have started this.

In the North Korea, the economic situation is continuing to worsen. As a human right body, we are concern about the wellbeing of the citizen in the country whether they get basic rights such as shelter, education, clothing and food. Also, we are concern about the justice of the people whether that country has a fair and accepted means dealing with crimes and justice to the people of the country of North Korea. (Charles, 1998)

Considering foreign policy of different countries when coming up with policy is of immense significance. It helps in understanding how to come up with the policy. This includes power of different nations that is some nations are more powerful than the rest this having a big says when it comes to implementation of policies. Economic capabilities of different countries vary herby calling for nations that have got more resources to work together to assist these other nations which need help. Military capability of different nations will assist in peace restoration as some countries are more equipped in terms of war preparation thus useful and are feared by other nations. (Backer, 2005)

Therefore, the human rights watch body seeks to come up with this policy that will help the people of North Korea. This policy is about economic policy and justice to the people of North Korea. The economy policy is going to deal with the famine and food distribution system in North Korea. Under justice human right watch body will look into seeking justice for the people and ensuring justice for the citizens of the country. (Dong, 2000)

Ensuring the food security of the people is essential, because in North Korea, the government-controlled economy of the country including the food sector is suffering from mismanagement over the years. Also, the country is experiencing severe floods due to poor land management. This is resulting in a massive famine which has resulted to death of around two million people. To ensure food security, this policy will help people and will call for national to support in food donations to the people of North Korea. There is also rising in food prices in the country while also reducing food rations. Also to add on the country is suffering from economic hardship, which is leading, to in access of health facilities by the people. No income disposable to the people thus affecting people way of lining in the country. (Haggard, Stephan, & Marcus, 2007)

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While seeking justice, the human right body is demanding that action be taken for those involving in violation of human rights. This is going to relieve the people of North Korea as administration of justice happens. The prison system is harsh and life-threatening. Prisoners in this country are subject to torture and inhuman treatment. There is public and secret prisoner’s execution including children which is unacceptable. Mortality rate is in the rise due to a lot of prisoner’s dies of lack of food, sickness and torture. (French, 2005)

Another violation of justice in North Korea is that imprisonment camps for people accused of political offences or not following what the government says are running by the government security department. Political prisoners are subject to guiltiness by use of organization sentence. They are taking them back with parents, children and siblings, sometimes even grandparents without any lawsuit and detaining them for the rest of their lives in prison.

Enacting this policy will require a high cost budget this due to the country needs urgent relief food to prevent people from starving. This will cost around US $ 150 million. Partnership with other countries will be of enormous important because the human rights watch body cannot meet all the cost of buying food. In addition, the human rights watch body recommends for an increase in its food reserve store. This will enable future emergences so that when this meeting again will be able to contain the situation before it furthers exceeds. Also, humanitarian aid assistance from all countries is able to donate food. Also, it will be of immense importance to partner with UN World Food Program so as to assist us in distribution of food in the country. This will help in ensuring there is fair food distribution. Because this agency works in the ground that will help us identify the places that are affected with famine and where people are suffering so much. To help solve justice problems in the North Korea governments of different nations which we are together is requested to come up with measure on how they will do so. Without justice peace will be no restored in the country. Also, they must ensure that the issues are addressed in a fairly way so that it may not result in conflict in the future. The time frame for this policy will be immediate because the situation in the ground people needs food urgently. This is to start in a weeks’ time. We therefore, urge all nations here that this is an emergency and we should act immediately. With doing so we will have save a nation from collapsing.

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