Hybrid Vehicles

This paper focuses on the hybrid vehicles and technology behind it that integrated with the society. The main question in the paper is, does the hybrid car’s project satisfy and meet the expectations for the environmental benefits or not? And the conducting of research in areas with hybrid vehicles analyzing and determining technical aspects of the technology.

The history of the trend: how did it originate, where, which market segment (social group, age group, e.t.c)

The hybrid car is also called an HEV or the hybrid electric vehicle. It is automobile and powered with two sources; an electric motor and combustion engine that are always internal. The cars do not use plugs because they are amply charged through the movement by wheels which in turn store kinetic energy generated through a process known as regenerative braking. The hybrid cars history is a long way back. The hybrid car was introduced in the world hundred years ago. Porsche was the one behind the introduction of hybrid cars in 1899. The Porsche manufacturers introduced a hybrid car making a very huge step in the industry of hybrid cars. Lohner-Porsche Mixte was the first hybrid car also known as. It had in-wheel motors which are electric with on board gas and battery recharge engine. Moreover, because of the battery recharge engine, it was termed to be very unique car. In 1905, there was introduction of Woods Interurban hybrid car as the second in the market and it switched from gasoline engine to the electric motor taking 15mins and it was not friendly to consumers. In the same year, Germany inventor called Henri Pieper also came up with a parallel hybrid car that will gain patent in 1909.

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To add on that, in 1914, there was introduction of Galt Gas hybrid car that was electric in Canada. When considering the time span for introduction of Porsche series of hybrid cars, the task was not that easy. It was a very unique venture and considered to be risky for the hybrid cars battery was only charged by it’s on board engine which did not require any electrical plug for it was a bit radical and at times it did not work with masses. The founder Ferdinand Porsche also came up with this concept of hybrid cars and was the first with hub motors. This car was not only ahead of its time for being the first car with electric gas but one of the cars developed considering everyday commercial vehicle in early ages. The hybrid car could cover almost 40 miles when the battery is fully charged.

The car that was introduced by Porsche is designed such that the gearbox is removed and is not of use, chains or drive shafts and clutch are also removed. Reduction of mechanical friction through replacement of the above with energy is more efficient compared to today’s internal combustion of the engine vehicles. Porsche later on added the hub motors to the four wheels that enhanced the torque with power to the hybrid car that was the first permitting to reach top speed 113km per every hour.

The hybrid cars trend did not take place because of cheap availability of gasoline. It also gained after invention being appreciated by few automotive enthusiasts and experts. The manufacturing of hybrid car is not easy even in the world today for there is consideration of higher technology coming up. The great initiative of Ferdinand Porsche 100 years ago has developed concept that has come in full circle proving to be great idea once again. The cars are popular in the world today for they are friendly to the environment and they save gasoline that is cheaper than it used to be. Still on the plug-in hybrids and hybrid cars, Porsche decided to stop manufacturing such cars because the electronic motors became very expensive while gasoline went on being cheaper. The cars with full electric- battery cars suffered the same fate for they charged for so long and were recharged thus did not have gasoline-powered range vehicles.

What makes it a trend: rapid growth rate, figures should be used like growing numbers of users/consumers and buyers and show that it is not just a simple ‘fashion’ but is actually on the way of becoming “established” among the general population on hybrid cars. Marketing is the key factor in the trend and rapid growth rate of hybrid cars. It is defined as the social process whereby groups and individuals obtain all they want and need through exchanging and creating values and products with other asserts Philip Kotler. It is the analysis implementation through planning with carefully controlling of the formulated programs designed in bringing voluntary exchanges of values with the targeted market with the purposes of achieving certain goals by an organization. Philip Kotler goes on asserting that, most of the time it relies with the organizational design that offers the terms which guard target markets desires and needs.

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The small trend of cars in America was created by Harley Earl. Detroit was the first American automobile company to build the hybrid cars. The small car trend is largest in U.S auto world for the last fifty years. The entire development is related to the big battle won in the modern history of the business. The Detroit auto makers continue hiding factual losses or not ready to disclose any past information on the decades foreign cars long invasion. This is feared to dethrone the American auto capital from the superior perch at the end of 20th century. The Detroit automakers are losing ending giant trend in which billions are at stake in every business quarter

GM Company summoned great and talented engineers to work in development of the new trend. The other big automotive companies also copied the trend of Harley Earls. After acquiring an automotive design by the companies department, the giant trends were championed with Harley making other major car manufacturing companies to copy.

Regional or global trend – business implications of this trend like how can the enterprises make money or profit from hybrid cars and the possible societal implications of the trend with current issues and future outlook. How will hybrid car industry evolve?

As the transition of automotive industry to vehicles that are electrified, the companies that develop battery technology of lithium-iron will be in the seat of the driver, and the will be carrying the licenses of Chinese drivers. The technology of Li-ion is replacing nickel-metal hydride batteries at a high rate in hybrid electric vehicles and the market for advanced batteries for upcoming plug-in vehicles that are hybrid will cost billions of dollars in the next ten years. Today, if u has a hybrid-electric vehicle, most probably, it has the technology of nickel-metal hydride battery. According to researchers of GBI, the technology of nickel-metal hydride has reached its prime of life while Li-ion technology is progressing more rapidly and has improved performance in general.

Will hybrid cars manufacturing industries branch into other industrial sectors?

Nicholas Hayek, the CEO of makers of the swatch brand of watches came up with an idea of a new car using the same type of mechanized approaches and features of personalization used to make swatch watches popular. While car designing was proceeding, Hayek feared manufactures that exist would feel helpless by the swatch mobile. Instead he preferred to collaborate with a different corporation in the automotive industry. After approaching several automotive manufacturers he signed a contract with Volkswagen to split the new projects development.

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What analysts expect to happen or what could happen on the trends of hybrid cars.

When the hybrid sale trends are analyzed, there is no doubt in the opinions which are mixed. Educated scientists differ in their opinions when it comes to forecasting the hybrids. We have seen a deadlock between the experts with each side not willing to budge. Some researchers feel that main variable in selling trends of hybrid cars is relies mainly on the gasoline prices which rise daily. As most of the consumers are complaining of their car guzzling gas and sports utility vehicles, the question whether the sales of the car will also affect high prices. A group of experts believe that even if the prices of gas rise, there will be no effect on substantially of car sales. The researchers went on arguing that consumers like the hybrid cars and however much they complain, they will continue using and purchasing them. Gas prices estimate are expected to rise above $4 for substantial sales of hybrid cars effect.

According to other experts, it is revealed that at least one out of six buyers have changed their minds on planned vehicles buying due to the gasoline prices which keep on rising. The study tells us that vehicles with less gasoline will be able to rise enough and mimic these study findings. Therefore consumers are likely to purchase hybrids by gasoline because of the prices logically.

More of the hybrid alternatives are all over the world and to the consumers. It is logical to think moderate increase in hybrid cars sales. Not considering the gas prices, the introduction of hybrid cars in the market will increase environmental education that will be of great impact to the consumers. When consumers feel better when purchasing the hybrid cars keeping in mind that they will enable them save money and is very sensitive to the environment, they are likely going to buy it. These will also increase the manufacturing of hybrid cars in the market.

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