Importance of customer service excellence within charity sector


Organizational and managerial structures are very crucial in the way any given organization is governed. It is from such a situation that charity organizations are designed to operate. Given the fact that, charity organizations are not established as profit-making entities, it should be understood that, due to the nature and the magnitude of their operations, customer service excellence is principally paramount. Therefore, in regard to that observation, I desire to discuss the importance of service excellence within KENWA (Kenya Women with AIDS) a non-governmental organization operating from Nairobi-Kenya.

From its inception KENWA was mandated with handling diverse issues regarding the future of the Kenyan women living under stigmatization due to their status. From such a scenario, it is prudence to underline the facts that, this organization being independent, have undertaken exemplary measures to define its mandate in regard to the way it handles its diverse issues (Bailey et al 1995). It should be noted that as a charity organization it has developed strategic measures within a span of twenty years it has been in operation. Some of the customer service issues it has strongly advocated and enhanced in relation to its operations regard quality assurance. As is with manufacturing or service industry, quality forms a significant component by which any given organization ought to base its operations. Therefore KENWA, have strategically channeled some of its resources in enhancing its image and more so the quality of its operations towards volunteers as well as with the donors and equally important even the government agencies who now and then provide them with logistic support.

Going by the fact that, KENWA uses its resources for the advancement of women health which have been adversely affected by the spread of HIV/AIDS. Thus, its quality concept have greatly helped in that, more donor communities are opting to channel their donations through this organization.

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Customer service excellence

In order for this organization to manage its operation effectively, it is paramount that, its administrative section be involved in enhancing positive customer services. This can be linked to the fact that, though they are involved in charity activities, their contacts and interaction with the diverse communities must be treated in a more humane and professional scope. It is in this regard that, as health-related organization, its operations should reflect business ethics in order to retain its clientele while building others across all social and economic spheres.

It should be noted that customer service excellence is developed to provide any given organization with a purpose of building a client-focused environment. Therefore, am of opinion that, in regard to KENWA, developing customer service excellence procedures would be of great significance, this is due to the fact that, CSE would help in identifying areas that need to be given top consideration such as the areas related to information, delivery of services, timeliness as well as the staff attitude. Professionally, this would help in placing more emphasis on diverse areas that are relevant to the organization campaign in developing concepts of customer insight while understanding other related issues in regard to charity organization.

Therefore, if the scope of CSE is employed, it is likely that this organization will develop mechanisms of handling clients more professionally. Consider the fact that, CSE acts a fuel that propels organizations towards self-assessment in order for them to create methods of enhancing their operations. Too, CSE acts as a tool by which charity organizations allows their staff and the allied teams to participate in areas that would greatly help in enhancing their individual or team skills in regard to customer handling. And this means that new skills of providing effective and reliable services are acquired.

Therefore, the scope of providing CSE in a time like this when the economic situation is ever low, it is paramount to understand that, this reflects on the seriousness of the charity organization. It is from that realization that, KENWA, clandestinely adapted to the real provision of CSE in order to enhance its image to both domestic and international client. It should be noted that, as the health-related organization, building a culture of quality services is paramount. According to such observation, KENWA developed a criterion of focusing on customer importance as well as developing an in-depth understanding of its clients. And this is highlighted in the manner this organization is handling its customers through consultations which are pivotal in providing information which is later processed to create a viable customer service environment.

In regard to economic platform, KENWA is building on its repute by enhancing its cooperation with the government as well as other interested parties in its operations. This has seen it managed to create a stable and reliable capital base, by which it is using to cater for its many patients across the nation. Therefore, through the scope of being reliable and having the will and desire to provide quality services, it is becoming the benchmark by which other charity organizations are being tested against. Basically, through understanding the essentials of serving the public reliably, this organization have acquired the basic principles of navigating through hard times as is being experienced due to global economic recession. Thus, by employing the principles of CSE, their standard and success continue to grow while improve their customer care services.

Thus, KENWA have showed that, CSE is not just but collecting information, it entails even evaluating the collected information and working on it with the solo aim of providing better services. It is such measures that are helping this organization to gain popularity, hence making it one of the key non governmental organizations that are well run in regard to customer service excellence.

Customer identification

With clear and well established measures, KENWA have formulated diverse strategies that they employ as measures of identifying their clients. This they do in order to reach to those people who are confined to remote regions and don’t have any immediate access to health. This procedure is emulated in the manner their operations are organized and executed. Having put in place measures to identify future and potential clients, this organization is strategically developing other parameters which are designed to satisfy their diverse range of customers. Thus basing their customer identification on the information they have gathered, it should be noted that, they have managed to build and develop individual client profiles.

The purpose of this is to understand the dire needs of the individual customer at time like this. Therefore, this is helping them to plan and serve their clients effectively. More so, it is practical to understand that, this procedure is making KENWA, to reach out to the far placed customers as well as identifying how particular clients are fairing. Importantly in regard to this concept of customer identification is that the fact that, it helps in understanding how the services being offered are effective or no (Anderson 1995). Thus, by employing unique methods of creating approaches towards customers, KENWA have developed focus groups as well as customer mapping in order to facilitate their services to the needy customer.

It should be realized that, as a health-related organization, operating effectively is always a challenge due to the big number of clients who are in need of attention. This situation is often escalated by lack of sufficient funds, understaffing poor logistical information (Berry 1999). Therefore, in regard to KENWA, I have realized that, they have put in place methods of identifying and consulting those clients who have a number of diverse needs. These procedures have helped this organization in balancing its operations in way that, no customer is being excluded or over presented (Walters1994).


To remain in the business of helping others, this organization have managed to developed systematic procedures which are principal in the way customer service excellence improvements are carried out. It should be noted that, all this plans requires a significant percentage of funds of which they get from well-wishers, donor community as well as from the government (Sherman et al 1999).

Despite the fact they are independent, it is crucial to note that, over the years they have learned the principles of financial transparency. Thus through regular auditing, they have established a culture of reliability and trust among their clients as well as their donors (Schaff 1995). It is such a scenario that I tend to state that, unlike other charity organizations that operate without any concept of accountability.

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KENWA, have proved to be a reliable and efficient organization and it is from that understanding that; they have managed to provide diverse services to their customers. Regardless of the fact that, a number of donors had declined to fund of some the charity organizations. Thus, using the knowledge they have in regard to customer service, they have managed to remain on the track. As matter of fact, most organizations are marred by issues regarding financial and managerial hardships or challenges (Miller 1996). It is instrumental to state that, each and every organization, be it networked or otherwise, in one way or the other calls for well established managerial policies. Therefore, this means that, diverse measures have to be employed in order for the given organization to be operational and reliable (St. Clair 1993). It is from such observation that KENWA has managed to build its foundation in regard to its many operations.

Consider the fact; customer service excellence is profound in the manner by which the success of the given organization is defined. Therefore, reflecting on the concept of having a stable and running charity organization, KENWA is one of the few organizations that systematically manages its operations

Confidentiality privacy>

No customer is secure where his personal information is given to any unauthorized person. It is in this regard that I have noted that, KENWA respects the privacy of their customers. This they do in order to protect their image as well as the repute of their customers. These strategies have significantly helped them to establish themselves in all situations (Baird 2000).

Thus, due to the trust by which diverse industry players have in them, this organization have continued to get more support daily from diverse individuals and other organizations interested in assisting those in need and especially people with HIV/AIDS and other related cases. In regard to confidentiality and privacy, this organization has developed stringent policies that are well formulated towards an environment that is suitably enhanced to protect the client in all circumstances (Smith1994).

Thus, it can be said that, this has helped the organization to embrace the concept of reliance, credibility as well as responsibility in the eyes of the both the community and those aiding them (Leebov, Wendy and Gail Scott 1994).

Given that, customer values are more crucial to the daily today running of this organization. It is therefore paramount for them to employ the most appropriate policies in order for them to execute their duties (Leebov et al 1988).


Effective communication is paramount in the manner any given organization is run or managed. It is through communication that the future of an organization is established or destroyed. Thus, through positive communication, more customers are attracted to the given organization (Leebov et al 1998). Therefore, it is instrumental to note that, KENWA, have principally established and propagated an environment where positive environment is articulated and employed in regard to the organizations operations, both internally and externally.

Through listening to the customers and attending to his or her needs, this organization have principally developed a culture of offering professional as well as prompt responses to its customers. This procedure is one of the key foundations by which KENWA has managed to move on smoothly. Too, it is also significant to understand that, through open and positive communication policies they have managed to create a stable financial base (Albrecht et al 2001).

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