Individuals as Mechanisms of Social/Governmental Change

The growth of every society is based on power. The way the society power is structured and the power dynamics dictates the governing of the society. To achieve full development, the power structure must be in line with all the society members’ approval. The majority should dictate the way the society operates. When the minority dictates to the majority due to their social class and wealth, the expected results is oppression for the majority poor. The term poor may refer to the poor level of material wealth. Therefore, at this stage, the only cure is criticism on the oppressing power. Criticism may include social movements, military coups and any other means geared towards achieving social justice.

The most notable of such criticism in China was by Mao Zedong B. Mao-inspired, and up-to-date still does, the Chinese community in very many ways through the platforms that he initiated for social justice accomplishment. The most notable of these platforms is the guerrilla warfare strategies and being the leader of the Chinese Revolution. These platforms enabled him to be a key figure in the foundation of the new People’s Republic of China (PRC). His long experience in Marxism-Leninism combined with outstanding military strategies helped a lot in his commanding of the Long March and propelling the Communist Party of China to victory against warlords and Japanese enemies. This enabled him to acquire vast lands for his oppressed followers. Not only did he contribute through victorious wars but also through philosophical work and relevant policies for the Chinese nation.

Martin Luther King, Jr was a key figure towards the end of racism and social injustices in the united state of America. He powered the people, oppressed, through movements and his classic speeches. The most memorable of his speech is the, “I have a dream”. This sole statement gave a lot of hope to the oppressed at its sole mention. One of the most notable march that he actively organized was a March in Washington for Jobs and Freedom, on August 28, 1963. The March main aim was to call for the safeguard of civil rights.

This saw the attendance of More than a quarter million people, enabling the king to air his popular I have a dream. Another major contribution of the king is the criticism on the government against the Vietnamese. He argued the government had wrongly placed its priorities in using funds to facilitate war when Americans were suffering. King always took the path that led to reconstruction of the society in regard to respect of civil rights and end of racism.

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