International law

International law is the term mainly used when referring to laws that rule the conducting of free or independent nations in their associations with one another. In a better and detailed description, international law is a body of rules, regulations, and accepted practices by which different nations throughout the world work together with each other as well as with their own citizens and citizens of other countries with the aim of making a better country or even better citizens. There are two types of international laws private and public law. As the names suggest the public law governs the public that is the citizens’ at large, while the private law generally deals with individuals and basically human rights making sure the citizens’ are well treated even by other countries. (p.171)

International law has really helped in matters related with trade this is because of the situations where some countries are in the third world countries while others are rich and better in terms of economy. The law helps to protect these countries especially where exports are involved, this international law ensures that trade between this poor countries goes on fairly and even help in investing more in the poor countries. This has really benefited the citizens of poor countries as well as those of the rich countries. The citizens of a country are also well protected and even when they are in other countries the citizens feel protected and confident that they are cared for this promotes peace and amongst citizens and non-citizens. International laws in form of private law make sure human rights are followed to the letter according to the rules set.(p.123)

In addressing the matter of environment the law is very diverse, its aimed at reducing all kind of pollution that is air, sound, water and land conserve resources but also allow human development. This three issues trade, human rights and the even environment has helped in developing the country in one way or the other apart from a better economy due to better terms of trade and protection of producers in case of exports. The citizens through human rights are well protected from false accusations and even mistreatments when they are in other countries. The law has helped to protect the environment by protecting vast forest that are major resources to the country. (New Zealand. 2008 para. 4)

International law has done more of good in development and construction of the civil society this is because nowadays the citizens are well aware of their rights and hence the law is able to use the law in a way that it benefits everyone.

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