International Tribunal


International tribunal plays a significant role in the prosecution of criminals. The tribunal is considered important because is assists in sorting out various crime issues and challenges that affect people across the world. The main objective of this paper is to discuss the international tribunals and factors that make it be very important. It will address political differences and how countries work with political differences. It will also find out if it is truly necessary for every country to participate in a tribunal. The paper also explains how the international tribunal has been of great importance to the community and other citizens. This will lead to a discussion of possible ramifications of not tied to a tribunal. The final discussion in this paper will address the deficits that may be associated in a tribunal a country may be part of.

The international criminal court was established in the year 2002 in Hague, Netherlands. The Rome statute has been ratified by various countries across the world. However, some of the nations such as Japan, Russia and United states among others have not ratified the document. The international criminal court document outlines the purpose, restrictions and the capabilities of the international criminal courts. The contents of the documents apply to all countries that have ratified the document.

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Tribunals are not the same, and they are created differently. The character of a tribunal is determined by a document that constitutes it. This is determined by the accessibility of different stakeholder, the composition of the tribunal, the transparency of the process involved among other factors. However, it is important to note that tribunals share characteristics which assist the parties to reach a resolution. There is a need for all the people to involve themselves in the process to trust each other to make the process successful. Distrust affects the process in that people cannot be open to one another; because of fear of negative effects that are likely to be associated with it.

International tribunals are courts are established to try people who have been accused of crimes which are against humanity, for example, war crimes. The international tribunal was created to give people who have been accused of common practices a chance to explain their actions. This helps to find out if people are guilty or not. It is also done to make people be responsible for their mistakes. This is important because it is meant to correct the mistakes done, correct the person also prevent the occurrence of such mistakes in the future. The crimes that are addressed include torture, rape cases and conflicts that violate human rights.

The people involved in the process must also be willing to agree on the decision made and trust the judgment that is made. People should always have faith in the people who take part in the process. Showing distrust is likely to affect the respect people have for each another. Disagreements that are likely to arise can cause arguments, hatred among the people involved or even worsen the situation. This can affect the decision-making process because people can make decisions that are against what is right or as a way of punishing people involved. Trust should, therefore, be considered at all time. Judgment should also be done fairly and without discrimination or favoritism as a way of ensuring that the people accused receive what they deserve.

International tribunals are very important especially after wars or other disasters. Malone notes that tribunals are viewed as a good way of bringing closure to victims restore people’s belief in the operation of justice and express the condemnation of the international community and also deter the future of possible crimes which helps individuals to be personally responsible of their actions. Accessing to rights indicates equity in the system of criminal justice as the process loses credibility and integration without the knowledge of the standards involved.

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International tribunals operate within different legal frameworks which are based on the founding documents which are meant to bring a specific perspective and expertise to a given tribunal. The use of different tribunals provides opportunities for considerations based on stakeholder interests. International tribunals can be used by people as a device to show balance power, resolve and also show resolve. This is important especially when the accused are people who have power and authority. An example of these people is the political leaders who participate in political violence leaving thousands of people homeless and dead. This happens because the leaders feel that they are above the law and cannot be prosecuted. In most cases, such people feel that they have much to say and what it takes to be eliminated in the process. However, people who have committed crime or violated human rights should not be left unpunished regardless of their status and position in the society.

Weis explains that an international tribunal examines whether any rules of general, customary and the international law can be derived from them as regards proof of nationality. The author further notes that existing rules concerning tribunals would take precedence but in the general the treaties and compromise establishment of the tribunals are unknown. The international tribunal is therefore important because it tries to form a common ground or a spirit of unity and togetherness for different countries, which means that different countries can be governed by different rules.

Tribunals give the accused victims and their families a chance to gain and maintain power that they loose as a result of committing a crime. The victims are given a chance to stand before judges to identify people who wronged them or violated their rights. By doing this, criminals are given an opportunity to accept their responsibilities for what they did. It also helps to provide more information about the issue at hand which helps in the investigation of different cases. It also assists in finding out if the accused are guilty or not.

International tribunals are important because they give citizens and leaders a chance to show to their faith and commitment to the rule of law. The rule of democratic laws must be accepted by countries that wish to become modern in terms of democratic. This law can also be used by a country which is applied to their criminals. This process is not easy and requires the effort of the country which. Countries that adopt international tribunal help them to function well without reverting to what is not considered right in terms of violence. International tribunals are also important because it gives leaders and the members of a country a chance to scrutinize decisions that are made by their leaders and the commitment made and shown to the leaders. This is used as a method that helps to assure people that the people involved have been punished for their crimes.

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International tribunal laws govern rights responsibilities and the relationships of members of state. This is made possible by dealing with prohibitions that are addressed to people and sanctions related to violence of the prohibitions that are imposed by different states. International criminal law is made up of elements that consider sources of international law and its consequences are penal sanctions that are applied to individuals.

The international tribunal is also important because it helps in the transformation of communities by addressing issues related to violation of human rights. This is because it helps the community to know what is right and what is wrong hence they can make wise decisions in their day to day activities in order to avoid crime. It also enlightens the community because people get to know what is likely to happen in case they commit a certain crime. The international tribunal therefore helps the community to be alert for the issues that are happening around them which assists in the creation of a friendly and crime-free environment.

The International Criminal Court also assists in the prosecution international criminals where the local courts are unable to handle the cases or not willing to handle them. It is important to note that some cases are too complex to be handled by the domestic courts especially if they concern issues that affect a nation as a whole. Prosecuting such people in their country is not easy because it can cause protests from citizens especially if they are not satisfied with the court’s ruling. The international tribunal also helps to honour those who are lost. Crimes committed could have resulted to death. However, the case should not be left unhandled. The international tribunal has a responsibility of honoring the people who are lost by getting to the bottom of the matter. It also helps the family members know what happened to their loved ones.

According to Rao and Khan, the international tribunal law also helps in the maintenance of peace and security. This is because the law stipulates what should be done as a way of promoting peace and security. The international, therefore, acts as guidance to what is done by different countries; which is meant to help in the establishment of relations between nations. People who violate the rules are prosecuted as a way of acting as examples to others.

In conclusion, the international tribunal is very important because it helps in handling crimes at international levels. Godwin notes that injustice is likely to cause injury hence crimes should be dealt with immediate effect. Countries that do not participate in international tribunals are also encouraged to consider participating because it is very important especially when it comes to handling sensitive and complex issues or cases. International tribunal also enhances interaction of people from different counties and backgrounds which assists in the promotion of unity.

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