Internet Communication

During this semester, we have had a number of projects that to a larger extent entails internet and communication through social media. Most of the projects proved equally interesting and easy. However, the most remarkable project was the one about “Describing my social network”. This particular project entailed highlighting my most preferred social network. The task was executed with ease and passion since it had sufficient content and context for reference. On the other hand, the project on rhetoric analysis on Facebook updates was a little bit challenging since the author had to analyze whatever a user posted on their facebook account. In other words, analyzing Lady Gaga’s posts and tweets was quite a task, bearing on mind that personal opinions raises mixed reactions (Anupriya and Medury 27-38).

Studying about he influence or role of the internet on interaction and communication evoked a lot of thoughts and psychological debate. It is just amazing how an individual could keep in touch with thousands of his or her peers and friends simultaneously in a virtual conference through social networks. Writing about this phenomenon contributed to an in-depth understanding of how the author perceives the internet and the strong relationships that social media can create between users.

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A comparison of the author’s style and the writing content between the beginning of the semester and the end gives a considerable variation. There has been an evident improvement in the depth of content and an understanding of the subject matter in writing. As a writer, my strength now lies in the fluency in the articles written and concisely relating studies conducted by various researchers. However, there are minimal weaknesses that arise from reconciling the intent and attitudes of the authors, which are not expressed in their literary works.

Long project 2 involves a discussion of the social media on the internet and its effects to the users. The author has clearly given a comprehensive discussion of positive contributions of social applications like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace to the modern society. Among other attributes, the author has argued that social media has led to increase in communication among users. The communication platform availed by social media is the most efficient and effective. Conveying messages through Facebook, for instance, takes a matter of milliseconds (Bird 12-17). As compared to traditional mail service that takes hours or days to reach the intended parties. According to the findings, social networks allow individuals of similar ideas and profession to pool together and form a formidable group that is capable of providing solutions to relevant problems in real time (Guadagno and Cialdini 40 ). A network like LinkedIn is known for its professional orientation. Furthermore, the author outlines that social media is more often used by marketers to reach a wide base of customers who are constantly on the internet. The author discuses a few demerits of the internet and especially social media, arguing that uncontrolled access to social sites can lead to moral erosion among the youth and mainly teenagers.

The main point of the author’s argument was that despite the fact that social media has its disadvantages, its merits places the platform to the advantage of the society. Many examples are used to illustrate the author’s claim, which leads to a better understanding of the subject matter. In general, there has been a positive transformation in the authors writing since the beginning of the semester.

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