Into the Wild

“Into the wild” is a film that is based on a book by Krakauer that goes by the same name. The story is about the travels of Christopher McCandless in America and the time that he spent in the wilderness of Alaska. However, this essay is not about the book or the film. Instead, it is based on the decision of Christopher to go into the wilderness. This decision was a tricky one. Even Chris understood the consequences of making such a decision. As he says in his letter to an old man who had grown fond of him, he knew that his decision was risky. Therefore, he mentioned that there was a possibility of not coming back. For this reason, he wrote this letter telling the old man that he was great..’p. 69. This letter acted as a goodbye letter since Chris never returned. This was a decision that draws numerous views from across the globe.

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There are people that view it as an act of bravery and curiosity. However, other people see it as a reckless act and a show of immense naivety. However, this only causes trouble to mind as the book shows. “Roman, Andrew and his friend stay up to late in the night, trying to comprehend the reason as to why Chris made all the decisions that he did.”..p.185. The mission of Chris when he set out into the wilderness was a self-fulfilling one. As it is written, “McCandless did not leave in a bid to explore his country. Instead, he had left to explore his inner self, (Jon P.184). Every time that he was around key cities, he always felt corrupted by modernization. One thing, for sure, is that his mission was not a fortune seeking mission. This is because he had some cash before setting out for his journey. Therefore, he just wanted to have an interrupted life where he could be alone. However, he did not seem to find such a place in the cities. Therefore, he set out for Alaska. This movement to the wilderness is not the only thing that tells about Chris. He had any encounters throughout his life. These encounters explain the reason for his reckless decisions, further.

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The question of whether Chris achieved what he wanted is well answered to the end of his life. After eating poisonous plants, Chris writes a story of himself to the world. He starts imagining how it would have been with his family. He realized that satisfaction is not achieved by isolating oneself from people. When he was at the abandoned bus in 1992, Chris felt that the place was extremely satisfactory. This is because it was quiet, and he liked the feel and sound of nature. However, he stayed there for a while. He just fed on animals which he hunted with his rifle. However, this did not continue for long. He soon ran out o supplies and had nothing to eat. Therefore, he decided to go back home. However, this was not possible, since the stream he had once crossed could not be crossed. It had become deeper and wider. This made him lose the little hope that he had left.

The fact that Chris was naive is quite correct. His acts were reckless, although his age could be used as an excuse by people who argue differently. He was always unfair to the people next to him. Sometimes, it is not just about how one feels. It is necessary to consider the effects of one”s actions on other people. When Chris left, he did not even tell his sisters, let alone his parents. This led them to a long time excitement in the hope that their son would return. However, their hopes were shuttered down by his reckless decisions. For somebody who had already graduated, there was a terrific promise in the life of this young man. He could have just led a normal life like the many other young men who were around him.

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Some people believe in the saying of the end justifying the means. Even this saying is not enough to justify the actions of Chris. Considering the start and the end of this story, there is a vast deal of irony. At the beginning of the essay, Chris was a graduate. He was living with his family back then. People always wanted to be with him. This must have had something to do with his personality. This is because every time he left, people became sad. It is also clear that Chris had no financial problems at this time of the year. This is the reason why he spared some money to donate to Oxfam. His was the life of an ordinary young man who lives life, just the way it is. However, the dramatic turn of events is caused by his reckless actions. He lives a life that is utterly out of the ordinary. As the writer tells, he goes for two years with no pets, no phone, no pool, no cigarettes’ p.163. In the end of the play, he dies as a direct opposite of what he was. To start with, there was no one around him. He did not have any friends with him. He had already left everybody who wished to stay with him. As it is written, “McCandless was happy on his way North. This was because it was a perfect way to avoid human intimacy. As he went North, he went further away from the people who had close relationships with him.”Into the Wild, 55. Second of all, he was a person with no honor. This is because he had started feeding on wild plants and hunting for a living. He was initially a proud owner of a Datsun. However, he had ended up in an abandoned bus with no one to have his back. Most of all, he dies a poor man. This was the reason he had decided to go back to the city, to no avail. This acts as proof of the reckless nature of Chris, and the consequences it brought to him. It hurt all the people who cared about him. His father is seen to be extremely dismayed. He wonders why such a compassionate young man could make such decisions. This is because his departure and death had caused so much pain to both his parents…p.103-105.


From the essay above, it is clear that Chris made a decision that led him to no good. Therefore, the decision could be considered as reckless. On the other hand, it could be considered as the act of a young man, who is not afraid to see what is ahead of him. This could have led to no good; but, at least, Chris was satisfied for some time in his life. As it is written, It is simple, when you are a young person, to think and believe that what you wish for is no less than what you deserve…p.155. All the people who criticize his actions could be doing it to comfort themselves. As the book displays, it is possible that McCandless reminds them of what they used to be like in the recent past….p.186. It could have been a short, but a life well- lived.

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