Kingfisher Airlines


As an advisor, to Kingfisher Airlines, I insist that the Airline can still get back on its feet and continue providing and offering unique experiences in the Indian flying industry. However, it will involve dedication, strategy and a lot of hard work. This does not mean that the Airline will rise back on its feet immediately but simply means that through proper reasoning, using survival and growth steps, the company will be able to get back to its original state or even better.

It is necessary to note that Dr. Edward Demining is a scholar that offers and presents out of crisis points that can help any business that is going through a crisis. In this case, Demining points are an extremely significant recommendation to your Airline in terms of quality. These points will not only cultivate the Airlines fertile soils but will also help to increase productivity, higher profits and efficiency in the Airline. These points include; the Airline should communicate and create a statement on the purposes and aims of the Airline to all employees in the company. In this way, the management will be able to establish improvement in the Airline activities continually. This will replenish the resources of the Airline and eventually lead to improvement in the Airline activities and experiences through research and innovations. The second point is that the Airline should adopt day in policies and philosophies which are ever changing in the Airline economy and industry (PTI 2012). The third point is that the Airline should focus on building and creating quality products and offering quality experiences to its customers. The fourth pint is that the Airline should end all the awarding practices. In this way, The Airline will be able to be established on trust and loyalty and not on the price tag basis. The fifth point is that the Airline should try to improve productivity and quality by working constantly through the week, month or even year.

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The sixth point suggests that the Airline should institute job trainings to the employees of the company. In this way, their staff will be well trained and motivated to work. The seventh point suggests that the Airline should try to improve all its job functions by instituting and teaching leadership of the same. This will ensure quality in the Airlines services and activities. The eighth point suggests that the Airline will have a significant advantage if they work on trust and drive out fear. In this way, the Airline will be able to maintain its original customers and attract other potential customers. The ninth point states that the Airline should strive at limiting and reducing conflicts within the departments in the Airline. The tenth point suggests that the Airline should focus on morale and quality systems instead of focusing on the workforce exhortations. The eleventh point suggests that the Airline should institute improvement to substitute leadership and eliminate work quotas in the work production. It also focuses on the process capabilities of the Airline in order to improve the processes involved in the Airline services and activities. The number twelve point focuses on how to remove the Airline barriers in order to encourage workmanship pride. In this way, it will encourage the employees pride in their workmanship.

The thirteenth point considers self-improvement programs which help to educate the employees and other stakeholders in the company. The last point suggests that everyone including the low cadre employees should be included in the company processes in order to transform and accomplish the company’s strategies. These are critical points that the Airline can apply during this crisis time in order to maintain high-quality services and improve the Airlines activities and procedures from the same. In this way, the Airline will attract other potential customers and be able to convince financial institutions of their commitment and ability to maintain their original position in the Airline industry.

Joran’s Quality Spiral

Joseph Joran is also a quality Guru who focuses on an integral part of management which is related to quality control. According to this guru, quality does not come because of an accident but has to be planned. In other words, in order to achieve quality, the Airline has to plan its activities and processes beforehand. This simply means that quality planning consists of quality control, quality improvement and quality planning (Vikas 2012). In this case, the Airline should establish optimal measures and goal which will help in the operating conditions and planning processes. This will help the Airline to continue improving the premium prices, market shares and reducing error rates in the Airline industry.

Joran’s quality planning spiral involves many different steps which include; identifying the Airlines customers, determining the customer’s needs, translating the customer’s needs in to a language that can be understood by the Airline, developing experiences and processes that responds to the needs of these customers, creating and developing airline features and services that will meet all the needs of the customers, developing Airline processes that will enable the Airline to produce and develop better services, optimize all the Airline processes, prove to the stakeholders and customers that the Airline can operate under all conditions regardless of the situation involved and ensure the transfer of all the processes into quality processes and services. In this way, the Airline will be able to establish d put in place specific goals that it intends to achieve or reach, put in place or establish plans that will enable the Airline to reach these goals, put in place or establish a clear roadmap that shows and draws the responsibilities which will help to meet these goals and lastly put in place rewards for the achieved results.

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This simply means that the Airline should have and maintains an effective system that will be able to maintain quality, improve quality efforts and produce from economic levels in order to meet all the customers’ needs. Additionally, Joran suggests that quality does not only mean the best, but it also means a management tools that set quality standards, appraises the conformance to these standards, acts separately when the standards are exceeded and plans the standard improvements. In this case, the Airline must focus on the customer’s specification and concentrate on meeting these specifications and needs. In this way, it will be able to maintain its original customers and attract other customers, as well.

According to the quality guru, Joran should also put into consideration the quality costs. This is because quality comes at a cost. This is extremely beneficial because the operating costs can be used as prevention costs which are included in the quality planning level, appraisal costs which are included in the inspection level, internal failure costs, which are included in the reworking and scrap from operations and external failure costs which include complains and warranty costs. The Airline should be aware that quality is based on what e customer says it is, is dependent on innovation, is a managing system, is a cost-effective method and requires continuous improvement among many other aspects (Media centre 2008).

According to my assessment quality circus is extremely fundamental aspect in any business especially the Airline business. This simply means that in order for the Airline to achieve efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness it should focuses on these quality management points and policies. In this way, the company will be able to maintain its original customers and attract other customers. This will also enable the company to maintain its marketing position in the Airline industry.

Poke Yoke Devices

Poke Yoke is extremely influential and unique quality management concept that is used to prevent human errors from occurring in the production line of the Airline processes. This concept is a procedure that should be implemented and governed in order to ensure is success. In this case, it is implemented using highly simple gadgets such as paper systems, warning signs, fixtures and jigs. This concept should be based on knowledge, as opposed to a set of instruction on how to perform or do these jobs. This simply means that this concept that not entails complex devices but only requires employees to use their common sense. In this case, the concept should be used by all the workers, installed in a simple manner, not be given continuous attention by the supervisors, requires low cost and the system should provide correction, prevention and instantaneous feedback. This concept will be highly effective in the Airline operations. This is because it will help the Airline management to prevent simply mistakes, which are made from distractions, demotivated, tired and sleepy employees.

Poke Yoke will help the Airline to put away, avoid and eliminate source loses, leaks, spills and useless mistakes from the employees. It will also help detection of the mistakes, errors and loss if they occur. In this way, it will allow for easy correction before it becomes a critical error or a problem. This will also help the company to ensure efficiency and accuracy in all its operations and thus avoid delays and cancellation of flights. This will not only attract customers but also increase the company’s revenue.

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Tangichi’s Quality Loss Function

Tanguchi’s quality loss function is extremely fundamental concept that provides a system that helps to evaluate the quality of a specific product. In this case, the Airline will be able to evaluate loss due to quality that it has just experienced. According to Tangushi, the poor quality costs are far beyond direct costs, which include waste and reworking costs. This simply means that the quality costs significantly vary with the deviation in the productions and services. Therefore, the loss function is a process that helps to assess the economic loss of the company which occurs due to quality deviation. In this case, the loss standard representation demonstrates the key or main attributes or reasons for the loss. Therefore, the Airline should consider if the Airline is worth the cost of poor products and if it would be better to reduce variation and replace the products for better quality products and services (Markos 2012). Additionally, this deviation could compromise the final products and services in relating to the Airlines operations. This could lead to product failure. This is extremely appealing concept that can help the Airline to find out or evaluate the reason for its demise or its downfall. In this way, they will be able to strategies using the Guru’s’ points and policies on how to get back into the Airline industry once more.


Kingfisher Airlines has been presented with crisis points, which will not only help in the daily running of the Airline but will also help the Airline to enjoy substantial profits, higher returns and upstanding business. This is because Deming’s points, Juran’s quality spirals and the Poke Yoke devices are extremely fundamental concepts and tools that will, help the Airline excel in the Airline business.

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