Law Enforcement Agencies

Organization of law enforce agencies include military and paramilitary organizations. Paramilitary is a power whose purpose and organization are related to those of a specialized military; however which is not regarded as part of a state’s official armed forces. Military organization is the composition of the armed forces of a nation so as to provide military competence needed by the state defense strategy (Lea, 2007). I do not concur with the paramilitary approach of the organization. An institution is an artificial arrangement constructed to coordinate either people or clusters and resources to accomplish a mission objective. In several ways, paramilitary-style appears to be an artificial style since several structures are based on the guidelines of military style to a certain level yet not very exact. When the agency is larger, there is more need for specialty and the vertical chart of the organization should become greater. Specialty makes the institution more compound, however, by making difficulties in communication, expanding the number of units, teamwork must be acquired and developing conflicts within various units.

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Specialty builds a steady need for harmonization as it adds to the chain of command, which can lead to closely defined jobs that suppress the originality and power of those who embrace them. The structure of the organization assists units carry out the several compound tasks of policing. The police usually structure along the lines of the military. The patrol roles frequently referred to as the policing backbone, is the chief line constituent because it is the key responsibility of law enforcement within the minor operations institution. The minor operation elements are the investigative and youth activities. Guidelines that are specific are structured to ensure that every officer match to behavior that will protect the protection of the public. A comparatively fresh crime management equipment and police administration procedure used in the trouble solving procedure is referred to as Comp Stat, a planned control scheme intended for the set and response of data on crime and related issues related to value of life.

Positives and Negatives to the military style of organization

There are positives and negatives to the military style of organization. To some extent, the positives offset the negatives in this situation because of all the external concerns that come into the departments of police, which vary from public grievances to politically show off. This puts the structure of the organization as one of, if not the key important feature dealing with this approach. With all of the diverse circumstances and actions were taken, one needs to be capable of evidently getting a decision in actual time from a person who openly controls him or her. Having the authority arrangement in a hierarchical form permits the officers to recognize if the circumstance which they are employing has been quickly and effectively approved. In a situation like the need to follow a vehicle in a high velocity, someone is required to identify whether he or she has the approval to follow and second is that time is important therefore someone needs to identify where to go to acquire approval rapidly.

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This centralized power creates a general unity amid the officers, caring for each other as a solitary department instead of raising competition. Lea (2007) states when digressing on the military approach that leading officers will issue apparent orders and officers on the street will perform instructions somewhat like soldiers in a fight. He speaks about this in an unconstructive manner, but on the constructive side the benefit is that the organization is liable for ensuring that every officer is responsible to goals designed by department, letting them to accomplish desired objectives, understanding that they have support of authority composition when dealing with circumstances that afterward can be judged as controversial. Another advantage in this composition is appearance. A lot of people can recognize an officer by the manner they conduct themselves and the look they present. Apparently, this is more significant to officers of patrol because of their relations with the common public than an unlawfully officer.

Americans and their system of judiciary present an immeasurable amount of power on their police administrators. The law enforcement is the only constituent that permits them to use power against its people, up to and including fatal authority. Despite the kind of force employed, police administrators must employ it in a manner that is lawfully accepted. For instance, the two occurrences that occurred were not pleasing. These occurrences include Roney King’s case and the occurrence of Amadou Diallo, a 22-year old that was not armed. He was a West African seller. The New York Police shot him 19 times when he was misidentified as a sequential rapist. Such occurrences that happen raise the question; how frequently do these happenings occur that are not taped in the video. Could it basically be because corporeal force frequently leads to considerable civic inspection?

This indicates that local occurrences do not get national media publicity. Basically, the performance of major responsibilities of the police identified above, call for a degree of cooperation from the citizen. Military approach policing entails the minimum utilization of judgment by officials on the street. Policing that is militarized is in most value, the mirror representation of community policing. It is not specifically concerned with neighboring relations. The police view it as their task to inflict the law if needed against the desires of the public. The feelings of the public are not valued as relevant (Lea, 2007).

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