Leadership Skills

To be a leader is to be in a position of guiding others to achieve what they want to achieve in live. Leadership skills are the inborn qualities or characters a leader has that enable him or her to guide a certain group of people before him. While in Maloney High School, I discovered that I had a good talent in singing. It’s here that I decided to join the school choir and explore my new talent fully. In the school choir, I was chosen to head various posts which I had been holding till I left the school. Below is a brief discussion of some of the posts I was holding while in Maloney High School;

I joined the Maloney High School choir as a singer and an actor in concerts. This was during my first year in high school. On realizing my good singing ability in terms of vocal voicing and conducting, the choir chose me to be their choir master during my second year. The choir patron gave an authority to train the singers and the concert chambers of the choir. I did so well in training during the first year of my reign since I was able to discover and group each choir member according to his or her vocal voice. I also taught and practiced with them various vocal techniques which some of them were unaware.

We trained so well the following year that we were able to put up a spirited competition in the regional school choir championship. Our choir managed to scope the first trophy in singing for the first time. The competition is composed of top fifteen school choirs from the whole division. Our school choir has retained this trophy for three years from when I took the leadership position. In the concert chamber, we, however, did not do so well but we only managed to take the run-up position during the second year of my reign. Like the singing chamber, we managed to retain the same position during the following two consecutive years.

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A part from being the school choirmaster, I was also chosen as a representative for the Maloney High School Allegrettos. I have represented the school in various workshops and congregations both in the divisional and district levels. The knowledge I learned from these workshops I transferred it to the fellow members during the various discussions we held after I was back. This position I held it during the last two years of my study in Maloney High School.

I have also volunteered as a teacher to teach the school vocal assembles on vocal techniques and ways of supporting ones sound with posture. This is a very sensitive part of a singer and a singer to be. That is why I offered to teach them so that they can be aware of what to do when singing. Apart from that but also I used to help my vocal teacher Dorothy Barnhart to teach her young students and Italian class studying music ways to effectively use their vocal sounds and vocal techniques while singing. I did these during my last two years while in the school since it was when I had gained enough experience in music.

Throughout my years in Maloney High School, I had tried to realize my career and using my realization to help others who were in need. Through this, I was able also to show my skills as a leader and out of it I was awarded various merits that have accompanied my scholarship applications.

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