Lincoln Management Company

To start with, there is good evidence from the information provided that the success of Lincoln management system in U.S was guaranteed. It had an open door policy for production work, top executive and also middle managers. This is advantageous to all the workers at all level since they feel the appreciation of their efforts at whichever level. Another justification for the success of Lincoln Electric in the United States is the policy of promotion from within the employees of the company. According to Gomez et al (2008), this acts as an incentive to employees of the company towards being success oriented and also serves longer in the company for coupled promotion benefits.

Openness in information sharing among the employees makes the Lincoln Electric a hub of success in U.S. from the information provided, the company shares financial operations and performances with workers still making them feel the sense of their importance and value, in the success of the company. In most companies, in today’s business arena, the financial information is not openly shared; therefore, by doing so gives Lincoln Electric a step ahead in morale-boosting among the employees, (Gomez et al 2008).

Loyalty, trustworthiness, openness, accountability, self-management, and cooperativeness are fascinating values to all professional in today’s business arena. Incorporation of these values in Lincoln Electric gives it a discreet and long-lasting. They result to the credible outlook that every employee can long for; therefore, motivating. This makes the company unique and more so better than a number of Companies minus these features in their operation environment. Companies that are devoid of these traits are characterized by rebellion, mistrust, corruption and lack of accountability and related mischief leading to dying of morale among employees; therefore, failure of the company, (Gomez et al., 2008).

The principal bottleneck that results to the failure of Lincoln’s control system in other countries outside U.S are differences in ethics, the variation of standards and also environment from that of U.S. this means that whatever is beneficial to workers in U.S is not as beneficial to workers in Europe, Japan and so on. On this point, equality is more valued in American system so much from gender and all aspect of life, different from U.S, in Japan, things are contrary because people are taught to honour and perceive authority in a differently. Contrary from U.S. women in Japan are taught to be more subservient to men.

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For Lincoln electric to make it in the international manufacturing plants, they should focus and then invest on management practices that are extra flexible so as fit and go in tandem with the culture of respective countries. For instance, Manfred (2003) asserts that the management might focus on giving incentives to male employees as compared to their female counterparts so as fit the expectation of the respective region.

It is worth for Lincoln to borrow money for bonuses and incentives for employees in the United States. This may seem like retrogression, but it is worth it in a sense that the entire system is correctly working in the United States; therefore, acts as an epicenter of the business. To maintain the wave and the threshold of business; therefore, it is worth a sacrifice of borrowing, (Manfred 2003).

The management approach of Lincoln Management Company can be termed as hierarchical. It is based on the fundamentals of open-door policy, though, with authority based system (Note managerial mid-level and production workers), this s a clear manifestation of different levels of management and hierarchy of the chain of command from the senior most downwards. There is distinct and distinguished expectation from each and every employee at different levels. On this regard; therefore, it is worth noting that decentralised system of management is common in science and law, (Manfred 2003).

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