Main global implications

Globalization can be defined as a process or a procedure by which acts of integration as well as interaction among the diverse cultures, companies and equally governments of the world comes together. In principle this procedure is often fuelled by international trade which is significantly aided by information technology. Unlike any other global involvement, globalization has been identified to have effects on the environment, economic and political development, culture as well as prosperity including the basic well being of the human beings across the nations.

Typically, globalization is not a new phenomenon; from ancient times people had a tendency to be involved in barter trade, whereby they traveled great distances in search of diverse commodities. For instance, the famous Silk Road which runs across central Asia and eventually connected China with the rest of the world during the Middle Ages signifies globalization during that period (McLuhan 1964). This means that for century’s individuals and corporations have been investing in other nations.

All in all, it is imperative to argue that, policy and technological circumstances of the previous decades have aided in developing increased cross-border trade, migration as well as investments. This development is being seen by observers and social analysts as the new phase of global economic development. This linked to the fact that, since early 50s, the volume of global trade has continued to increase significantly.

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In principle, the current torrent of globalization can be said to principally be under influence of policies that have helped in streamlining both domestic and international economies. It should be noted that, for the previous two decades, a significant ratio of global governments have overtime attempted to adopt a free market economic system. These processes have adversely helped in increasing the individual nation production capabilities while creating other chances for international trade and investments. On the other hand governments are attempting to agree on the best dramatic procedures in order to reduce barriers to trade, hence, establishing key agreements to promote commerce and other economic investments and even corporations have followed suite (Modelski 1972). Thus, this can be said to be a key feature defining globalization, in brief, it is a global industrial and economic trade structure.

Another factor that have significantly aided in globalization is technology. Major developments in information technology have with a wave of influence reshaped the global scope of economic life. This is due to the fact that, information regarding all scopes of human existence have been made available to all, translating to economic revolution whereby investors, consumers as well as transfer of assets have been also been impacted.

Reflecting on the concept that, globalization is a complex phenomenon, principally, it should be noted that due to its interactive advantages which have managed to bring diverse technological, economic, institutional and environmental trends to a global scale. It is imperative to argue that, this phenomenon has aided in establishing global integration in terms of politics, culture, education, health as well as religion. Thus, looking at globalization on the context of economics, it has managed to integrate all diverse cultures in the scale that has never before witnessed before (Marx 1979). For instance, think of global markets, global governance systems as well as global cross-cultural integration and equally global environmental scopes, all this trends have been facilitated by the general scope of globalization.

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Global implications

Despite negative impacts that are intricately linked to globalization, it is instrumental to state that; globalization has caused a myriad of positive impacts on the very nature of human lives. This is witnessed in a broad concept in as far as health issues are concerned. Though, there are some negative elements, it is pivotal to understand that as the world is becoming more and more multi-connected and equally complex, human health is also witnessing rapid changes which are being perceived as principal outcome of ecological, cultural and economic determinants. Thus such progress points to the basic analysis which indicates that comprehensive analysis of unique and diverse selection of global health concerns are predominantly influenced by globalization. Hence, this evidenced by the fact that, various health aspects are being integrated from across the world to benefit each and every individual where appropriate.

Also, another area that has felt significance influence of globalization can be said to be the domain of security. Due to the scope of diverse cultural and political changes, security issues have been brought into limelight. This is linked to the fact that, the proliferation of diverse beliefs and hatred which has arisen due to globalization which in some quarters is being viewed as western concept has resulted into the acts of terrorism. For instance, due to diverse religious opinions, the world have witnessed a clash of religion where one religion domain accuses the other, this phenomenon is fatally affecting the entire concept of globalization. Though, security is not a secondary issue, it is paramount to point to the fact that, globalization has almost erased all national borders virtually, this trend has seen the increased dangerous cultural trends being exported to the rest of the world, hence endangering individual and national security(David et al 2003).

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Despite such issues of security, another fundamental impact on the concept of globalization is credited with is global economy where rich countries are employing the principal of protectionism where their trade interests seems to be under threat, it is also in the same rule of globalization whereby regional governments have introduced regional trade agreements in order to compete with other established global economies. It is instrumental to state that, such issues are being pushed by the economic environment established under the influence of globalization. This economic phenomenon is being propagated by multinational corporations fighting for their safety in global economic arena.

It’s from that angle such economic blocks as NAFTA, FTAA which campaign for America’s trade supremacy, which have aided in impacting negatively on African nations due to the stringent trade and economic barriers, established to derail Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI), as well as General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) which are some of the global concepts being employed against developing nations (Falk 1999). Thus, though this, the concept of globalization can be said to offer some positive elements, it is far and wide employed to destroy already established cultural and economic tenets globally. This can be evidenced by the latest development of economic crisis which had engulfed the US. More so, the impacts of globalization tend to emanate from developed nations towards underdeveloped nations (Jones 1999). Therefore, it is equally paramount to aver that the impacts of globalization are not confined to industrial development, also, globalization is impacting on our daily today affairs. Thus, think of the concept of fashion, music as well as literature, it is apparent that, today, foreign concepts are being export to other nations through literary work as well as the music, food and fashion. This means that, the growth and development of cross-cultural interaction have aided in developing in global consciousness which have resulted in more cultural identities (Kymlicka 1999). This trend is imprinted in the manner by which humans due to exposure to other cultures are attempting to imitate others in the name of increasing ones standard of living.

Due to the impacts of globalization, the world citizenry have witnessed a myriad of environmental challenges. Though these challenges are instrumentally positive, it should be noted that, today such issues as climate change, cross-border pollution as well as the abuse of international waters due to overfishing. Also, the spread of lethal diseases and invasive pests have been witnesses due to globalization.

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Therefore, it can be said that, the concept of globalization is more of advanced civilization, where the human race is now interacting and having more contacts due to increased technological breakthroughs. Hence, this scenario is creating a world where political ideologies and technological rivalries are being employed to change the scope of humanity (Giddens 1990). Therefore, am of opinion that, despite the fact that some of the major implications of globalization revolve around trade, communication and economics, it is imperative to understand that, these global implications have also ignited intellectual divide where academicians have failed to agree on the real scope of globalization. Also, it is crucial to note that, globalization have also impacted on the very nature of justice across the world. This is evidenced by the fact that, diverse political powers are attempting to push their political opinion to other states and this has resulted either in war or democrazation.

It is on that note we observe China seeking global supremacy both economically and militararily, it is on that note we happen to see America attacking Iraq and Afghanistan. Basically, this presents the notion that; globalization is a phenomenon that drives human race to effect diverse changes which either reacts positively or negatively. Therefore, though globalization is here with us, it is prevalent it have brought some positive tiding in the manner by which such fields as health, agriculture, as well as language have been impacted to benefit the entire humanity(Held et al 1999).

In conclusion, it is imperative to argue that, numerous globalization standards have indicated that, with each generation there some aspects of globalization that are apparent. It is from that angle, today, globalization is being based upon the development of sound and reliable communication technologies, it is through such channels that economic growth around the world is being witnessed and evaluated from time to time.instrumentally, globalization can be said to be the modern thread that is holding the world together due to its impact on civilization (Dewey 1927).

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