As a newly promoted district manager, I am able to build the employees foundation for the five establishments of Dunkin Donuts. My aim is to share as well as expand the managerial experience that I have gained during my work to build successful teams in each of the five locations allocated to me. I will develop a team of workers who will be in a position to offer quality services to the clients. Together we will serve our communities, franchisees, guests, and employees in a responsible manner. This will be aimed at maximizing the profits in each of the new stores.

I will develop good connections to the heritage of our brands to improve the experience of the guests. This will be achieved through the offering of a series of award winning training programs that will help substantiate an organization’s credibility. Usually, such training is helpful as it validates an organization’s leadership position on the market (“Dunkin Brands”, 2014). This paper will discuss four key elements that are crucial for the work of successful establishments. These are job design, organizational design, recruitment and selection of new employees, training and performance appraisals. I will develop an informal structure where customer communication will be promoted. Since each individual store in my model is small, the above key elements will have a simple structure.

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Job Design

Creation and development of a job design in my district is the critical element of my work. It involves the identification of the tasks that need to be done, who should do the tasks. and the selection criteria used to choose employees (Reilly & Markenson, 2011). I will respect and depend on the subordinates who work in each establishment since they are the people who do the actual job. According to Minnick, Reilly, and Baack (2014), job design consists of three main steps: job analysis, job description, and job specification.

In the application of job analysis, I will use reflective planning with the goal of applying what I have already learnt. I will also research the operation of other companies and make comparisons accordingly. Another way that I will use to create job analysis is by experimenting with the tasks for current positions. After conducting a research on the positions that other stores hire for, I will analyze the following positions in my stores such as baker, crew member, shift leader, assistant managers, and the manager. I will apply extermination approach to my job analysis. Each store will have five to eight employees in every shift. I will work as the manager, or as a shift leader, while other employees will take the positions of crew members or bakers.

A job description is a list of tasks that the future employees are expected to perform during their term of service. Reilly, Minnick, and Baack, (2014) claim that job descriptions may also be found in an organization’s handbook or its website. This is usually of great significance since it acts as a cite of reference. Job descriptions are publicly displayed to allow the interested parties and applicants to review a formal list of tasks. In my case, for example, a crew member will be expected to perform the following tasks – customer service, handling cash registers, taking and filling orders, cleanliness and food production duties.

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Organizational Design

Organization involves an effective and efficient bringing of resources and people together with the goal of creating products and services. Organization produces authority relationship that helps in the overall achievement of organizational goals. Organizational design is the process that involves the making of choices that result into a particular structure for the organization (Reilly & Markenson, 2011). My organization design will vary from one store to another, depending on the geographical location of that store. One of the organization choices that I will make is create a strategy that will have an influence on the employees’ attitude towards work.

As a manager, I will create several structures within my organizations with an aim of facilitating proper operations of my stores. The structure of my organization will be made of individual jobs that I will combine into departments to form the skeleton of my organization system. The structural skeleton will hold up my stores and allow them to move towards achieving the organization’s goals. Steers, Ungson, and Mowday (1985) define an organization structure as a system that is formal in the reporting and task relationships. The structure that I will make will help in determining how the resources in my stores will be best utilized for the creation of goods and the services needed in the stores.

Organization design focuses more on the organizational process in an organization, as described by Jones (2010). Organizational process involves information flow within the organization as well as the resources of the organization’s power. It also focuses on the manner, in which the system interacts and adapts to the changing internal and external environments (Jones, 2010). Furthermore, the design has a focus on the organization’s subsystems that include finance, operations, marketing, and production. The design provides the organization with a tool used in analyzing the dynamics in it without necessarily having a theory on how the organization is expected to be managed.

I will ensure that my stores working in a stable environment. The stability will be defined in terms of certain markets, unchanging technology, and efficient management system. Dunkin organizational structure will be flexible in an attempt to allow the stores to adapt well to any change that may arise both on the market and in technology. In order to compete with other related firms effectively, I will make sure that my firms offer quality coffee, good customer care services, and affordable prices. As the new manager, I will regularly carry out the SWOT analysis. It will help in determining the strengths and weaknesses of my stores, and as a result, my stores will compete well with other related organizations.

In order to ensure that my stores operate effectively and efficiently, I will make sure that employees pay attention to organizations details and follow the standardized management procedures and guidelines. I will also apply all types of communication, depending on the sector of the organization. This will create a good working environment to all stakeholders. I will also offer appreciation to all employees such as bonuses and picnics. High level of satisfaction among the employees will help work towards the success of the stores that I am entitled to manage.

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Selection and Recruitment of Employees

The success of any organization comes from its people. Therefore, my organization will look for people who are genuine, engaged, collaborative, and driven towards supporting our brands. Therefore, I will therefore a thorough recruiting process that will spend enough time to analyze each applicant effectively. I will incorporate technology during the recruitment process in order to improve its efficiency. The main goal of my stores will be to hire the best person for every job. I will give priority to the experienced applicants either from my previous working station or from other organizations because such applicants already know the specifics of the job. This will help in lowering the training expenses and, at the same time, increase the chances of early success of the organization.

When exploring candidates outside the company setting, I will consider the following sectors: career builders, advertisements, walk-in applicants, employment agencies, labor unions, and posting at local colleges. The selection processes in my store will adhere to the labor and policy laws. The following steps will be used during the selection of five Dunkin employees – announcing the available positions, acceptance/ rejection of applications, conducting screenings, holding interviews, analyzing and recording the contact references as well as previous employment, selecting finalists, holding final interviews, and selecting and notifying all finalists.

During the selection process, the candidates will be required to meet the following requirements – level of experience and skills, level of education, legal requirement, and personality characteristics.

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Training and Performance Appraisals

The training process for new employees will consist of one day formal procedures. During this period, the new employees will be explained the rules and expectations of the stores. The first three days will involve a good interaction of the veteran workers with the new employees who will be expected to ask for question and clarifications from their older colleagues. These veteran employees will be expected to explain concepts as well as couch them. The newly-hired workers will perform tasks under the strict supervision from the veteran employees.

Performance appraisal is the review of the performance of an employee based on the predetermined objectives (Grote, 2002). Performance Appraisal management system is of great significance to an organization. It ensures that the performance of an organization is effectively managed, thus leading to smooth business operations. As a result, this leads an organization towards achieving the set goals. These appraisals are mainly used to identify the strengths and limitations of the employees. This helps in the development and improvement of employees through the application of training programs. On the other hand, these performance appraisals help to motivate employees. As Grote (2002) confirms, this is achieved through providing them with opportunities to improve their careers and directing them to the achievements of the organizations’ goals.

I will ensure that the recruitment process is fair to have a good team that will run the stores in the right manner. Any form of biasness against religion, nationality, gender, and any other social economic status will be avoided. Thus, performance appraisals will include the employee’s name, rating systems, dates of assessment, and performance dimensions as well as commentary and feedback section. I will use the performance appraisals’ results during the promotion of my employees.

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For an organization to carry out its operations effectively and efficiently, it requires an all rounded management structure. As indicated above, different elements are joined to work together in the establishment and expansion of an organization’s operations. The harmonious working of elements results in the achievement of organizations’ goals. Therefore, the decisions on which motivational system to employ depend largely on the efforts deemed most important. Thus, in some instances, the individual successes of employees might be the most important factor while in others, an organization’s performance as a group could be the determining factor. Performance appraisal also has been seen as an important element for the success of an organization. This translates into effective operations of the business and improves results. Through appraisal, employees’ strengths and limitations are identified leading to high productivity among them.

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