Marriott’s Nature of Management Practice


The purpose of this paper is to describe the nature of management practices characterizing Marriot Hotels. The paper will describe the various functions of management and their application in my day-to-day activities as a manager for the Marriot Hotels. These functions include staffing, control, directing, planning, and finally organizing. Marriot Hotels is a business that provides accommodation services to various people. I am entitled to manage the premise by ensuring that safety rules are adhered to, tenants pay on time, and that the needs of the customer are fully satisfied in terms of provision of various basic services and amenities. These include ensuring there are proper sanitary services, water, and security of the tenants. The people will analyze how I perform the various managerial functions in order to achieve the set standards of work by my bosses in managing their assets.

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It is one of the fundamental functions of any management in a given organization and this function is not an exception in Marriot Hotels. In my role as a planner, I am supposed to develop the expected future course of action to be taken by the business in order to improve its services as well as achieve its mission, objectives and goals. It is my role to ensure that I make decisions in advance of the expected course of action in order to achieve the pre-determined goals by Marriot Hotels (Craig, 2009). It is my duty to ensure that I plan ahead in order to enhance the utilization of both non-human and human capital within the reach of Marriot Hotels. As a planner, I have to ensure that I come up with the plans that will help in overcoming uncertainties, confusion, wastages, and risk that may have a negative impact in the growth of Marriot Hotels.


Organizing is another crucial role that I play in Marriot Hotels as a manager. In this role, I am entitled to bring together all the financial, physical, and human resources within the organization. It is also my role to ensure that these resources develop a mutual relationship. As Henry Fayo had it, “Organizing a firm is providing it with all its needs to function such as capital, tools, personnel, and raw materials.” As an organizer for Marriot Hotels, I have to identify various activities within the Hotels, classify these activities in groups, assign the various activities to the subordinates, delegate authority, and create the line of responsibilities that each subordinate will perform, and, finally, coordinate authority and responsibilities relationship. I have to be smart in organizing various activities of Marriot Hotels for the purpose of satisfying all stakeholders related to the Hotels.

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In this role as a manager, I am supposed to manage the organization structures and ensuring that they are manned with productive people. It is my duty to ensure that the right members of staff are put in the right jobs and that they have the required qualifications and skills. Kootz and O’Donell say that, “Staffing is a managerial function that involves manning the organization’s structures by ensuring proper and effective appraisal, selection, and development of human capital to fill various positions that are designed within the structures. In the staffing role in Marriot Hotels, I have to do the following activities: plan for the human capital requirements, recruitment, selection, as well as placement, training and developments, promotions and transfers, performance appraisal and remuneration (Kleiman, 2011). This is one of the most challenging roles to me because I have to ensure that the organisation owners are satisfied while, at the same time, the needs of the staff are also met.

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This is where I am supposed to actuate the organization’s ways of working efficiently in order to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. This is where I have to direct personnel of Marriot Hotels with influence, guidance, motivation for the purposes of achieving our goals. In my role of directing, there are some important elements that I have to take into consideration as a manager. These include:

  1. Supervision where I have to watch, direct work and workers of Marriot Hotels.
  2. Motivation where I have to inspire, stimulate, or encourage workers to work hard in order to achieve both individual and organizational goals. I used both monetary and non-monetary methods of motivation to motivate the workers.
  3. Leadership where I have to provide guidance for and influence the workers in the desired direction.
  4. Communication where I have to pass information, opinions, and experience to various individuals within the organization for the purpose of ensuring there is harmony with Marriot Hotels’ mission.


This is where as a manager for the Marriot Hotels I have to measure various accomplishments of the business against the set standards and correct deviations that arise for the purpose of achieving the organization’s goals. The reasons behind controlling of the activities of Marriot Hotels are to ensure that they function according to the set standards (Manfred, 2003). I have to ensure that there is an efficient system of control that can help in predicting the deviations before they occur (Gomez-Mejia, 2008). I base my role of controlling on the definition by Koontz and O’Donell which states that, “Controlling is the measurement and correction of the various activities of the workers to ensure that the organization’s plans and objectives are being achieved.” In controlling the activities of Marriot Hotels, I have to do the following activities: establish various standards of performance, measuring the actual performance, comparing the actual performance with the set standards and identifying the present deviations and correcting these deviations (Juneja hu Juneja, 2011).


The growth and survival of Marriot Hotels depends on how I perform my roles as a manager. It is my duty to ensure that I do such with high level of professionalism at all times. I have to come up with a good and prosperous course of actions, delegate responsibilities to the right people, motivate the staff of the organization, and finally, ensure that I set standards of performance and correct the possible deviations that arise from the actual performance.

My managerial role is very crucial to Marriot Hotels; the fate of many of its staff and owners is basically in my hands. Thus, I have to ensure that I make all the decisions as a manager with high level of soberness at all times. I have to ensure that all my managerial functions are integrated in such a way that they serve the purpose of ensuring the growth, survival, and attainment of the Marriot Hotels goals. It is has been a good and rewarding adventure being a manager of the Hotels.

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