Mosaic Covenant

In the Old Testament, Jeremiah used mosaic covenant and the Decalogue in his critique of the Israelites. Mosaic or Sinai covenant is the covenant that was made between the Israelites and God. The covenant details and establishments are found in the Torah; the initial five books of the bible. On the other hand, the Decalogue or Ten Commandments are moral and religious rules that the Israelites were given by God Mount Sinai. Just like any other prophet, Jeremiah used the covenant and the commandments in criticizing the Israelites ways of life. He used them to admonish, warn, and advise the Israelites against sin.

One of the ways in which Jeremiah used the covenant was to proclaim to the Israelites that they had sinned before God. Given that the children had gone astray, Jeremiah was used by God to inform them of his wrath and the possible consequences of their sins (Adey?mi, 2003). The Israelites had abandoned God, who had delivered them from the hands of the Egyptians and worshipped idols. In chapter 2, Jeremiah says that the Israelites had forsaken the spring of the living water and dug themselves cisterns that could not hold water (Jer. 2-13). Therefore, the prophet used the covenant and the Decalogue to admonish the evil ways of the Israelites.

Additionally, Jeremiah used the Decalogue and the Mosaic covenant to give hope to the Israelites who had turned against God. In his sermon, he gave them the message that they would be forgiven if they obeyed God’s commandments and the covenant that God made with their forefathers. In chapter 4, Jeremiah informs the Israelites that God would bless them if they turned back to Him (Jer. 4; 1-3). Moreover, he advises the Israelites to return to God in compliance with the Mosaic covenant and Ten Commandments.

Lastly, prophet Jeremiah also used the Mosaic covenant and the Decalogue in warning the children of Israel against idolatry (Rata. 2007). This is because the Israelites had gone against the old covenant made between God and their forefathers. Besides, the Israelites had indulged in idol worship and they burned incense to Baal instead of Yahweh. Therefore, was used by God to proclaim a curse upon the Israelites for their disobedience and unfaithfulness.
In conclusion, mosaic covenant and Decalogue was instrumental in the Old Testament because it was used by the prophet Jeremiah to reproach, warn the Israelites’ against evil ways, and encourage their Israelites to turn back to God from their sins.

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