Niki Hospital

Niki Hospital was started in 1960 and has enjoyed tremendous growth ever since. It serves the town of Niki and other neighboring districts. The hospital mission is to provide quality health services to its clients while maintaining ethical standards. The hospital has a vision to providing world-class health services to its customer. The services provided by Niki Hospital vary from out-patient to in-patient care and consultation. The hospital started small as a consultation private hospital run by one doctor but today has grown to over fifty doctors and several nurses. Amidst this growth, the hospital faces many challenges relating to patients’ safety hence the essence of this Quality Improvement Plan to curb in hospital-acquired infections which now stands at 25 percent.

Niki Hospital has identified some key factors as the foundation on which its Quality Management rests in an attempt to reduce in-hospital-acquired infections by 10 percent per year currently at 25%. The quality of service provision shall be highly effective, timely safe and customer focused. In this respect, the hospitals will continuously try hard to ensure that any risk and mistakes in service delivery are contained. The environment in which the in-patients are located shall be maintained safe, clean and infection-free. This is in line with the hospital’s commitment to reduce cases of infection. The hospital will ensure that services needed are provided in a timely manner when needed.

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The hospital has also identified the principles on which to undertake its Quality Improvement Plan. These will include patients focus, prevention of in-hospital infections, recovery program and leadership involvements. The customer is the most important stakeholder in any business-oriented organization. Therefore Niki Hospital intends to meet and exceed the expectations of both internal and external customers. These will also include the hospital staff as well as their family members. The main focus of this proposal is to reduce cases of in-hospital-acquired infections. In this regard, the hospital will not hesitate to maintain healthy and patient-friendly environment.

The hospital will also put emphasis on recovery programs to ensure wellness and provide various options for patients. The leadership involvement is also an important principle for this plan to succeed. The governing body and the CEO will give this plan direction for its success. This will ensure that the Quality Improvement Plan is in line with the mission and strategic plan of the hospital. The on-going quality improvement activities will also be put in place and reviewed to ensure that there are improvements and continuous evaluation of the existing conditions (Mizuno, 1988).

The leadership of an organization determines the success of the Quality Improvement Plan. Niki Hospital committee is responsible for the development of the plan and providing indicators of measurable objectives to track what is being improved upon. Various leaders have the responsibilities to ensure that the plan is implemented, reviewed and evaluated.

Goals and objectives Niki Hospital Quality Improvement Plan have been identified and defined. The goals include maintaining cleanliness in hospital wards, training nurses and caregivers on basic hygiene to cover continuous and specific initiatives. The general objective is to reduce in hospital-acquired infections by 10 percent per year and eliminate it by the year 2015. The specific objectives are the review of past cases of in-hospital infection and their causes in the last five years, bring the management team together to review their areas of operation and identify causes of in-hospital infection causes. Provide training to management, nurses, caregivers and patients on quarterly basis and finally to develop guidelines on handling in-hospital patients to reduce infections (Shiba, Shoji, and David Walden, 2001).

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The Quality Improvement Proposal shall be assessed on a regular basis to measure performance. The processes, systems and outcomes of the plan shall be reviewed and indicators developed on the results so as to improve the plan. In the process, the stability and care provided for the in-patients shall be assessed. The program indicators shall be carefully chosen to addresses the clinically importance issues. The performance indicators chosen for Niki Hospital Quality Improvement Plan are basic information about the patient, definition of data type required data collection techniques and assessment frequency (Peter, 1996).

Niki Hospital has identified core Quality Improvement initiatives to run this plan once the assessment is done. This will be used to continuously improve the plan. The hospital shall plan on how to approach the increasing in hospital-acquired infections by identifying the affected patients. The proposed solutions are then worked with to determine if they are the best approach if they prove successful and they are adopted. Data will be collected again to compare the previous rate of infection and the current ones. Based on the outcome, action will be taken involving all stakeholders. The final findings are documented and reported to the stakeholders for follow up purposes (Breyfogle, 1999).

At the end of the specified period, the evaluation will be done to see if Niki Hospital has achieved its specific objective of reducing in-hospital-patient infection by 10 percent per year. Summary and recommendations made based on the outcome of the Quality Improvement Plan.

The implementation of this proposal is will have tremendous effects on the in-patients whose hospital wards general cleanliness shall improve and cases of infections reduced. The nurse and caregivers are also affected by the implement of this proposal. They shall be expected to ensure that the initiatives proposed are carried out and implemented. The Niki Hospital management committee will have to play a very important role to ensure that Quality Management Plan is a continuous effort which only be improved upon every year when evaluations are done and recommendations are made.

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