Port of San Francisco

The port of San Francisco is one of the most important and vital ports. It was founded in 1863 and is located in the western part of San Francisco Bay. However, it is responsible for the territory which starts near the Golden Gate Bridge and stretches along the beach until Candlestick Point. Its industrial section includes passenger transfer, industrial activities, as well as shopping and recreational maritime activities. It contains 245 industrial and commercial buildings with more than 150,000 employees. The port covers a wide range of services including repairmen of non-nuclear ships and transfer of almost all types of products. It collaborates with various suppliers of goods and food from all over the world including goods and equipment, janitorial, hospitality services, etc. The port is a part of US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Army, Commercial Container Ships, Tankers, Tugs, Ferries, Cruise Ships and other organizations (Port of San Francisco, n.d.).

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The port is developing and improving its strategic goals every day. For now, the first goal is to promote the port’s maritime industries like cargo, fishing, cruise, ship repair, ferries, excursion, recreation, and others (Port of San Francisco, n.d.). It also aims at increasing the volume of cargo shippment which includes working with shipping line customers to expand their Northern California cargo, making cargo terminals more efficient, and marketing the port to neo-bulk shipping lines. Another goal is to manage ferry conjunctions and operations, participate in ferry facilities funding and promotion activities. The third strategic goal is to attract visitors and residents to the waterfront which includes promoting special activities and events, developing marketing alliance, etc. The fourth is improving customer service. The fifth goal is to achieve a well-planned and integrated development. This section includes creating opportunities for women-owned business and local minorities. Another public-oriented aim is to create a correct understanding and confidence in the port which includes informing public of the economic impact of the San Francisco port. Strategic aims also include port property management and improvement, creation of environmental and port property management, as well as revenue increase which is crucial for remaining self-supporting.

There is a long list of strengths of the port which is one of the most important strategic establishments in the US. The port has a powerful security system and has been awarded with a Porthole Cruise Magazine prize in 2016 (Port of San Francisco, n.d.). There are great projects of the port from the engineering point of view. The San Francisco port is strong in community-building activities which brought some success in this branch. Besides of creating a strong international navy transferring network which is used all over the world and connects most strategic points, it has positive internal management and community building aims will improve its activity every year. The port is semi-independent, which is another strong point reached due to the high quality personal and thoughtful management system. The port is an important part of national military programs which play a vital role for the US (Port of San Francisco, n.d.). Another strong side is the number of suppliers which were gathered and combined in a single community to pursue common goals. This characterizes the port of San Francisco as a strong international collaborator with managed internal policy and aims which are strictly and correctly followed to improve its developments in every field of activity.

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Weak sides of the establishment and ways of their improvement are described in a strategic plan of development. Branches to be improved are cargo shipping, increasing revenue to remain a self-supporting port, improving and managing all port’s property. Customer service is to be also strengthened by the team of managers who aim at gaining a high level of understanding by community of the importance of the Port of San Francisco. Due to the strong security system developed by the professionals, we cannot provide the full list of weak sides of the establishment, but there are always ways for development and becoming stronger every year. The members strive to improve and support its ferry passenger activity and attract some of the visitors to waterfront.

The implementation and development of Waterfront Plan is a part of improvement strategy which has already been successfully implemented. It includes a unique financial network which is functioning until nowadays. The city does not provide any subsidies for the port, and the port reimburses services provided by general fund departments. The ability to exist and operate successfully depends on the revenues from the use of properties under its stewardship.

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The port evaluates its activity on a high level and is proud of every achievement reached during its existence. There is a lot of prizes received for various efforts and successful performance. While realizing and highlighting strong sides of the port, there is also a plan for improvement which will support activity and implement new features.

For the port, it is important to manage and arrange all the property. This is the most important step to be made on the way of its development and improvement. Communication enhancement and keeping the port in high position in the world is another step to save its prestigious name and authority in the world.

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The Port of San Francisco is a point in the world which connects various suppliers, provides transfer of passengers and cruise services. It is also an important strategic object for military support and guard. The port has made many important achievements which allow it to function successfully including a strong network of suppliers and strong policy. However, there are points which must be strengthened to continue successful existence and activity.

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