Poverty is a major problem in many parts of the world, especially in third world countries. Most of the people in third world countries lives under one dollar a day. This means that majority of the people in third world countries cannot even afford a meal a day. Nigeria one of the densely populated countries of Africa is among those countries where poverty levels are very high. One may wonder how this can be possible in a country which is endowed with so many resources such as good climate, fertile lands and oil.

The major problem with Nigeria is the constitution that allows rooms for grabbing of the public resource as well as unfair distribution of resources. This research will help in identifying the various constitutional loopholes that have allowed individuals to grab public resources at the expense of the state. This will aids in advocacy of constitutional changes that will help curb corruption among public officers. In the long run with strong laws that carry heavy penalties for those involved in corruption, it would be possible to discourage individuals from grabbing public resources. This will translate into a reduction in poverty as loopholes where funds meant for development activities are lost will be sealed.

Manchester is one of the world-class university will good reputation in the area of research. The university has world-class facilities such as libraries, lecture theatres and recreational facilities. It also has one of the dedicated team of staff which is committed to making learning an admirable venture among students. I have chosen Manchester as institution where I will carry out my Ph.D. research because it has all the facilities needed to make my research a success.

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The university which is fully engaged with research on poverty through it Chronic Poverty Research Centre, Global Poverty Research Group provides a favorable environment to carry out my research in. I will receive the much need technical and professional support that is needed to make my research project completion a reality. My Ph.D. project which is related to poverty reduction in Nigeria I believe will receive massive support from the Manchester research centre. The major reason behind choosing Manchester as an institution where I will carry out my research is due to the availability of facilities that are related to the topic of my research. It is my sincere hope that Manchester has all that is needed to make Ph.D. research complete.

For any research work to be successful funds are required. The funds cater to various needs that the researcher need in order to make his study a success. The research on poverty needs massive funding in order to tackle various issues that are related to the topic. Alumni funding will play an essential role in ensuring that my research work is complete. The funding will help in funding various activities in the collection of data for my study. Data collection is an expensive venture and thus alumni funding will aid in preparation of materials for data collection such as questionnaires and conduction of the research itself.

The funding will help me secure a contract with an online survey company which will conduct the data collection survey on my behalf. The funding will also help in catering for my upkeep needs during my research period in Manchester. The funding will also aid in hiring the expert services of various professionals especially in the field of law. The professionals will help in interpretation of the Nigerian constitution which is an essential part of my study.

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