Public Confidence

The police is meant to be an instrument for the people in the community. The main reason as to why the police are set to be on duty round the clock is to ensure that they provide maximum security to the people that in the community. In actual sense, the society has high expectation from the police force in terms of security and maintenance of order. They have to ensure that there is order in the estates and the neighborhood at large. This research paper shall analyze the different perspective of the people on the police in their neighborhood today.

First, the relationship between the police and the people is fundamental in police services. The police have a significant role to play in maintaining this relationship. That is the police has to be on the lookout to ensure that they receive enough feedback from the community on any activity that is going on at all times. However, the police have long lost their contact with the people and today, up to 90 percent of people have lost hope in the police. The main reason behind this reaction is the constant delay which the police has shown when people call in times of emergency. For instance, in Spital Hill, the police know that this place is prone to criminal activity, yet in the last three years, the police have not improved their ways of responding to emergency calls from people.

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The police also failed in another instance, where a young boy was killed in the neighborhood. This incident was witnessed by many people and even called for the police to help with high expectation, but the police arrived too late. In addition, the ambulance took more time to arrive at the crime scene. Such as incidences and many others, which have happened in the past show that the police have relaxed and are not efficient in their service to the community. The most shocking issue is that the police force in the neighborhood is aware of all the crime, yet not much has been to stop this menace that is continually scaring the community.

Secondly, the police have been known to have a continual idling attitude. Many people have so far reported on this annoying habit that the police has shown openly before the public. They are often seen in the streets, highways, and in the neighborhood in the name of routine patrolling. The expectation of such duties is discoveries on the hidden things of the criminal. In addition, the patrols should reduce the rate of crime considerably. For instance, it is expected that the police would recover stolen goods within the neighborhood. The police harass innocent people during their patrol. As a result, these patrols do not yield much, while the crime rates continually rise.

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Thirdly, police have not done much in the countryside. This is due to the perception that the people in the countryside do not get involved in criminal activities. However, the people in the rural area also need the police services and should not be neglected. In the past, a police would be seen going round patrolling on a bicycle and taking necessary information that concerned security matters. This practice continually reduced, and today the police are rare in the countryside. The police played a significant role in solving the dispute, especially teenage fights. Police are known to go an extra mile for people who have a personal relationship with them.

In conclusion, the police today are remarkably reluctant in their service. They have long quenched the expectations of the people to whom they are expected to serve. In this regard, the people today are fond of taking the law into their own hands. That is every person takes his or her own measures to ensure that their security is in place. In this context, it is recommended that the police service is rekindled. The leaders of the police department should change their strategies with the aim of improving their services to the community. They should also ensure that the police who are on duty always bring back results from the assignments they have been given. In the end, the community can be reassured of its security.

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