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I like T-Mobile because since 1996 it has built a long time reputation as a respected cell phone service provider. Although T-Mobile has originally started in Germany, it has spread its services and products to different parts of the world. Thus, it is a sign that clients in most parts of the world appreciate what the company offers. Because their services and operations are spread globally, it is the preferred option for many people. A lot of clients enjoy the uninterrupted connectivity to their services wherever they go, and this is a big advantage compared to mobile services providers that only have regional connectivity (Bunich, 2011).

T-Mobile also has family plans that include unlimited text and talk for comparatively cheaper rates. A client does not necessarily have to be on annual contracts to benefit from these services. Such an initiative is really good as it has enabled families, especially those that work in different places or countries, to communicate often and manage monthly telephone bills. The prepaid cell phone plans have enabled many people to own the gadgets. Moreover, this is done without a follow up of the beneficiary’s credit history. T-Mobile prepaid subscribers have an option to choose a mobile device they prefer; this is a motivating factor that encourages many people to remain loyal T-Mobile customers (Vigna, 2009).

Disadvantages of T-Mobile

The deductions, especially on data received through their internet services, are not necessary. Complaints concerning the deductions take long to be acted on. T-Mobile has publicly stated that it does not charge for internet data. The fact that these deductions still occur, points to the weakness in their payment and deductions systems. Thus, it will need to be acted on with speed.

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Selection of Phones Offered by T-Mobile

T- Mobile offers a variety of mobile phones. Android mobiles are an example of that, as they are preferred by many customers because of the ease in usage. T-Mobile camera phones are also very reliable, connected to a camcorder that allows the user to capture videos clearly while moving. Such ability is especially useful if you are in a car when travelling or touring. Besides, the camera phones have a lot of space that makes it possible for the users to store several videos. They also come in different colors and sizes, making it easier for customers to choose.

T-Mobile also has replacement phones that allow the user to use their own SIM cards and still retain their contact information or phone numbers. The replacement phones are cheaper and equally efficient. In addition, T-Mobile has Samsung Galaxy phones, Blackberry Curve T- Mobile, HTC One, and Samsung Galaxy Blaze. None of these costs more than a hundred dollars. They can, therefore, be easily acquired (Vigna, 2009).

The Customer Services of T-Mobile

The mobile handsets offered by T-Mobile have free hands-on devices and starter minutes. The process of adding minutes or topping up is very simple and customer friendly. T-Mobile has stores and customer services departments internationally, which makes it easy for the client to access their products wherever they may be. The prepaid is good for teens because it does not need one to commit to a contract if they wish to benefit. Cell phones that have been unlocked are compatible to T-Mobile, making it easy for anyone to use another service provider to change subscription. In the year 2010, T-Mobile was rated the best in customer service in the US wireless phone services. Customers do not wait for long before they are assisted whether in the stores or calls made to customer service centers. There is always an efficient support team that is ready to listen to various issues that customers may be experiencing.

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T-Mobile hotspots are located in strategic positions, making it easier for clients to be served. Such places include airports, selected, hotels, and coffee shops, among other convenient locations. They also have a reliable internet connection that makes it easy for business persons to communicate from wherever they are (Bunich, 2011). The internet speeds make it possible for customers to access and respond to emails easily. A good internet connection also enables holiday lovers and other frequent travelers to regularly get in touch with family members. The internet connection is secure enough to facilitate connections to corporate websites and transactions. The reliable connectivity is partly the reason T-Mobile has managed to retain many of its customers since it started operations.

Network Coverage

T-Mobile has a good 4G coverage. The improvement of the network coverage lessens network congestion, therefore making voice calls more clear and reliable. Metropolitan areas covered by T-Mobile are especially privileged with no failures reported. However, some rural parts and mountainous states in the United States still experience network problems. On the other hand, even in the overcrowded areas such as stadia or overpopulated metropolitan T-Mobile network still works efficiently (Bunich, 2011).


T-Mobile leads other networks in the number of free minutes offered to the clients. There are plans to increase the minutes, especially for the first time subscribers. One does not have to sign long-term contracts with T-Mobile to qualify for free airtime or any promotions that take place. Multimedia and text messages are lowly charged. T-Mobile also offers business plans, individual and family plans, subsidized phones pre-paid services among many other arrangements (Pavlou, 2010).

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