Rhetorical Essay on Plasma TV


Rhetorical strategies have been used by writers for centuries to effectively make their writings more powerful and attract a large number of readers. In fact, the reason for the application of rhetorical strategies in writing is not particularly hard to discern. This is because the rhetorical language allows writers to craft language with the aim of having an effect on the readers (Shulman, 1). They are also a means of writers’ persuasion that acts as the way through which they get to the readers attention and coherence. In this work, I plan to analyze my research paper on plasma TV which I wrote for my Technology 162 class in fall of 2008. This piece of work was written with the overall view of enabling the readers to understand the history, benefits and mode of operations of plasma TVs through the application of rhetoric strategies of contrast and comparison, exemplification, description, narration, definition and cause and effect analysis.

The essay I wrote was entitled “Plasma TVs” that explored the historical aspects of plasma TVs. This essay was written under open circumstances that aimed connecting with the readers on the differences between the types of TVs that are available in the market and their similarities and differences.

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Types of Rhetorical Strategies Used

In my essay, I made wide application of comparison and contrast and description rhetorical strategies. This is basically because my aim was to explore the historical perspective of the plasma TVs and compare them with other TVs that were available in the market. To achieve these feat, I had to employ both descriptive and contrast and comparison rhetorical strategies.

My Use of Comparison and Contrast Strategy

I effectively made use of comparison and contrast rhetorical strategy in a variety of sentences within my essay that include “Generally speaking, plasma has a better picture than LCD. They process motion better. They usually cost less, though high-end plasmas usually cost more than LCD” (Bellis. 2), “I really like the 120 Hz LCD HDTV but do get concerned about the quality of some 60 Hz models. The problem is that the lower end LCDs just doesn’t process motion as good. The low-end images, analog and standard digital, don’t always appear smooth” (Bellis. 2). These examples fully illustrate my application of the comparison and contrast rhetorical strategy.

The last sentence that I believe made the best application of comparison and contrast rhetorical strategy is “LCDs runs cooler than plasma and are more versatile. Plasma doesn’t come smaller than 42″ so if you want plasma then you have to go big. LCD doesn’t have that issue. You can just about fit a small LCD in your pocket or hang a large one on your wall and see it across a large room”.

Comparison and Contrast Strategy Description

I made the best use of this strategy when discussing the historical aspects of the plasma TVs and descriptions of how plasma TVs works. This includes sentences such as “The very first prototype for a plasma display monitor was invented in July 1964 at the University of Illinois by professors Donald Bitzer and Gene Slottow, and then graduate student Robert Willson”(Bellis, 1). To demonstrate how plasma TVs works, I extensively made use these strategies. This involves the construction of sentences such as “The basic idea of a plasma display is to illuminate tiny, colored fluorescentlights to form an image; each pixel is made up of three fluorescent lights — a red light, a green light and a blue light. Just like a CRT television, the plasma display varies the intensities of the different lights to produce a full range of colors” (Bellis. 2),

The application of these strategies has successfully made me craft the language that has made my essay not only interesting but have a significant impact on my readers. This involves relaying the best descriptive nature of plasma TVs and underlining the differences between them and other types of TVs. Through my efforts in succinctly presentation the information on plasma, I believe my readers are best positioned to make informed choices when deciding to purchase TVs because the application of these strategies enabled me to discuss the topic extensively and exhaustively. In addition to that, I believe my readers have gained adequate knowledge on plasma TVs and have expanded their knowledge on this topic.


My central purpose for the application of the above rhetorical strategies has been very successful and my intended purpose of crafting the best language to connect with my audience has been achieved. If given a chance to redraw my essay, I would add exemplification rhetorical strategy within this essay. While I believe the essay serves its purpose adequately, the application of this strategy would undoubtedly add more interesting pieces of information on this essay by expounding on areas that the two strategies fell short of presenting in the best way possible through the use of facts, statistics, personal experiences and interview quotations. I conclude that rhetorical strategies form one of the best ways through which a writer can present his ideas to the readers while at the same time maintaining the principle aims and objectives of the written piece of work. Effective communication through writing can, therefore, be achieved by the best and strategic use of rhetorical strategies. This reinforces the belief in their common applications in written works and demonstrates their effectiveness in achieving the best connection between a writer and readers. I believe that my application of the rhetorical strategies within my essay has achieved the intended purposes and as such my aims and objectives of writing the essay plasma TVs have been obtained.

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