Roman Empire

The extension of territories to the shores of the Italian Peninsula that had been initially at the banks of Tiber was the beginning of an impressive career. There are several events or activities that took place and contributed to the emergence of Rome as a conquering nation of the entire world.

The Romans came in contact with the Samnites in between 343-341 as they were extending their territories. During this time, the Samnium people were forced to go to the South West to the Campania plains. In the conflict that occurred between the Companians and Samnites, the Companians seeked help from the Romans. As a result, the Samnites were defeated.

As a part of their strategy to win the battle, the Romans divided their army into two parts. One group was responsible for the protection of the Companian people, while the other one invaded Samniums. The details of this war have been established to date and the incitement from the Campania.

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The Roman soldiers were rewarded with Capua city after they had won the battle, thus, taking the control of the northern Campania. Latin had played a role in the war and took its share. Afterwards, the Campanians were assisted by the Latins forcing the Romans to sign a treaty with them for a war withdrawal, hence, preparing for the conquest of Latiums.

The relationship between the Romans and Latins varied at different times. It was clear that the Romans had been ahead of the Latium confederacy. Later, the treaty demanded from the Romans to renew this treaty that had been dissolved allowing them to have a perfect equality. They conducted this by sending an embassador to Rome. The treaty demanded that they would join into the one republic.

The war continued between the Samnites, being supported by the Latiums, to fight the Romans despite the agreed treaty. The enmity between the Romans and Samniums jointly with the Campaniums continued.

With the leadership of Manlius, Torquatus and Decius Muss took the Roman armies to the north east to match along the boundaries of Latium so as to join the Samnites adding them courage and later attacking the Campania. Having a policy to isolate themselves, the Romans decided to attack one city after the other one.

Between 304 and 326 BC, the central owner was not known forcing the Samnium and Rome to fight one another for it, which made Rome win as they were strong.

To the south, there were Apulians and Lucanians, the Romans made some alliances with them in order to allow them to surround the Samnites. The Romans were inflicted by one of the most humiliating defeats from the General Pontius, and they surrendered after a hard struggle.

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The Roman armies decided to make their second attack to the south being led by Papirius Cursor as a dictator. They succeeded by capturing Luceria and Fregellae. A final move was made by Rome in order to take the control over central Italy, and the third Samnite war erupted and termed as the War for the Italian independence.

The Samnites surrendered the war and gave away central Italy. They were only allowed to control their territory. The outcomes of this war were that the Roman territory was extended.

The war erupted in the south, which was the strongholds of Greeks being rich in business and cultural practices. The treaty was signed on the operations of shores of the coastal region. This was not honored by the Roman armies, since they continued threatening them.

Pyrrhus attacked the Roman armies with his strong armies. After the defeat, Rome had no more enemies to fight in Italy. All the enemies had surrendered and accepted the supremacy of the Romans.

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