Same-Sex Marriages

Same-sex marriages appear to be rightly immoral or unethical. Societies admonish individuals who tend to prefer such kinds of marriages as it is presumed that they would not serve the main idea behind wedlock. According to most societies, marriages are, primarily, meant for procreation. In this case, same-sex unions deny the individuals an opportunity to procreate, and, therefore, the union is considered to be unnecessary and immoral. As much as some societies continue to open-up and liberalize the idea of sexual orientation and marriages, a significant section of humanity is yet to accept the need to regard same-sex marriages as credible unions. They insist that marriage encompasses more than a simple reunion. There are several arguments that tend to support the idea that same-sex marriages represent a moral breakdown in the society.

A logical marriage is the one between a man and woman. In the same-sex marriage, the terms “man” and “woman” are vaguely defined. In fact, it is challenging to explicate what a same-sex marriage represents. This is unlike the normal marriage where we have a man and a woman forming a union. Most societies perceive the connection between marriage and religion. As such, it is imperative to consider the manner in which creation was accomplished, and, in this regard, how each of the sexes is adapted to various roles, duties, and obligations in a marriage. The institution of marriage is regarded by many to be a holy association which has been decreed to a man and a woman. Marriage is, therefore, considered to be a blessing from God, and it would be seen as sacred if it happened in a manner that is against the intentions of the Creator.

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As it has been aforementioned, married people have a duty to procreate, i.e. bear children. Should every human being adopt a sexual orientation which drives him/her into same-sex marriages, the human race would suffer detrimental consequences in terms of population decrease and a hastened rate of aging. Same-sex marriages degrade virtue in marriage. It serves no real purpose, apart from short-lived instances of pleasure. The contemporary societies do face an unprecedented level of challenges. With such demoralizing challenges, an escalation of same-sex unions would worsen the situation and, indeed, weaken the social fabric. Regarding marriage as a union that is in line with proper religious practices results into the ruling out of same-sex marriages.

Same-sex marriages go against the accepted code of conduct in most societies. In fact, there is still a significant number of western societies that are yet to legalize and consider them to be equal to the marriage between a man and a woman. It is for this reason that most individuals with such sexual orientation tend to have it remain a secret. Indeed, apart from the campaigners, very few same-sex marriage partners have considered making their relationships public. Although same-sex marriages have been allowed to take place in religious premises, there have been an undying vocal opposition to the idea, and this shows that such unions are yet to be accepted as logical and ethical. In order to save the society the need and time to engage in discussions relating to same-sex marriages, it is imperative for individuals to engage in unions which are naturally, ethically, and spiritually right, and these are the unions between men and women.

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Same-Sex Marriages are Moral

As much as individuals tend to discourage the idea of same-sex marriages, it is important to realize that such unions, just like the rest of the unions, are personal choices, and everyone has a right to choose his/her own sexual orientation. In fact, a significant number of western societies have legalized these unions and, therefore, it would be illegal for anyone to utilize unjustifiable means with the intention of averting a same-sex union between individuals. Those who consider same-sex marriages to be immoral practices must recognize the need for respecting individual’s rights irrespective of their social orientation. In most jurisdictions, the issue of same-sex marriages has not been addressed, and this erodes the moral authority that the critics would have as they attempt to criticize such unions.

According to proponents, same-sex marriages do have their benefits. For instance, there are those men who consider women to be fragile and, as such, they ought to form unions with fellow men. Studies have indicated that those who participate in such unions are, in most instances, financially able. For this reason, their sexual orientation may not be dismissed as being based simply on psychological and emotional challenges. Indeed, there are those who defend their orientation with such vigor that it would be impossible to discredit their views. They, for instance, argue that although these unions may appear to be illogical, the pair appears to have an extra level of determination as compared to those in normal unions. It is, therefore, considered to be of benefit to those who may not fit into a normal union.

Allowing people to exercise their sexual orientation openly would benefit societies as it would liberalize thinking with regard to the marriage institution. Moreover, such sexual orientations have always been there, and it would be unfair to keep discouraging an age-old practice. In fact, if the practice would prove to be unprofitable, it would simply fade away just like several other practices that several individuals held dear. Partners in the same-sex marriages should, therefore, be accorded the same level of services whenever they visit hospitals and other social places especially in jurisdictions where such unions have been legalized. There could be several benefits of having same-sex unions in the society, some of which, once recognized, would advance the society and relationship between persons in an unprecedented manner.

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