Sequence Analysis Prompt

The video is produced in monotonous and gloomy colors. Exactly these tones are used to evoke viewer’s baleful feeling. The producer does not use a great variety of colors which, at the beginning of the video, are vibrant, and then change with granular black and white shadows of azure and emerald.

The author utilizes low angles to show each viewer a sense of influence in the same manner as sense of fate which will appear in a short period of time, a foreshadow of which will follow almost immediately. Availability of high angles in the video named “Your Touch” are found with a special aim – to show viewers an increase of horror and weakness instead of poverty and courage.

A disturbing feeling, such as feel of weakness and fear, is created by framing – a special technique used to center one’s concentration upon the object. Objects, which are frequently placed not in the central position of the frame, are able to reveal a harsh effect. Moreover, these objects add an anxious and nervous tone.

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The mood of the video is demonstrated by editing as quick cuts, which add to the hectic tempo of the video – story.

To additional demonstration meaning the use of slow motion is used during the whole video clip. This supplementary meaning adds to the high basics of drama play as it spreads bedlam and horror all around.

Some harsh angles are used for an additional creation of a discomfort and nervousness. Purposely, the producer created the ditch tilt. It was made with an essential purpose. Thanks to it, the viewer can feel the panic easily which is going through. With a specific purpose, the camera regularly looks downward from a bird’s eye view. It is not difficult to understand, that it was composed to make a viewer feel fear. As well, this method is used to support worrying mood and narrative sense.

The main producer’s aim was to show and draw a painful mood to a viewer. The watcher has to feel every negative emotion, to pass through one more life which is created by someone.

In the specific way, the producer highlights quick and scary mood by using rapid camera movement. The camera is dallying during speedy fragments. As well dallying out increases significantly the viewer’s scary mood and terrifying tone of the video.

Specific method, used by the author of the video, is placing objects out of focus. It plays one of the most important roles to create the scary scenes. This method makes a viewer feel confused. As well, it is not an exception that the watcher can feel even chaos, what shows greater influence on a viewer’s mind.

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It is interesting to follow up the aspect of negative spacing. The author of the video uses an enormous amount of various shots, where objects are centered out of the frame or just on the other side of it. This method makes to feel everyone that something mysterious or ominous has to come. A lot of free space is left on the screen, so it makes viewer believe that somewhat ill-omened will take place.

Object space plays also an important role in pleasing to the eye of the story. Sometimes, the film makers place objects in the background. This demonstrates that due to the fact of taking up little space they are weak in influence on the viewer. It makes the opposite influence when the objects are placed in the foreground. This method, placing objects in the foreground, demonstrates the great impact of them on a viewer and his or her emotions.

So many times during the video, film makers put objects away from the lens and make them move rapidly and chaotically in the direction of the lens. This abrupt and speedy movement demonstrates a chaotic, frightening and nerve-racking meaning.

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