Should International Adoptions be Promoted?

Adoption is not simply the word as it might be the only way for someone to have a child. Nevertheless, for someone else it is an opportunity to make a noble deed, and for the others it is a chance to light a spark of hope in the eyes of an abandoned baby. However, this process encompasses a lot of bureaucratic obstacles which should be overcome in order to take a foster child. It is believed that probably the most important thing is to make a child feel loved and desired, so that a young person has an opportunity to open a completely different perspective in life. International adoptions are very important since a child might have faced a tragedy, or he might have already gone through a very difficult period of life when he was abandoned. There can also be a variety of reasons why the child stays without the most native people, for example, in cases where something irremediable happens to parents. Different kinds of adoptions, or international adoptions in particular, are a very important point: people make good deeds not only for a child, but for themselves by taking a child and giving it love.

Undoubtedly, international adoption has become fashionable in recent years. Everyone knows a shining example of the main hero mother of Hollywood – Angelina Jolie who adopted three foreign children. Still, the usual practice of international adoption is not applicable for celebrities. In reality, international adoptions face a lot of difficulties mainly due to one aspect: lack of control over an adopted child. It is approved that adoptive parents, according to law, shall submit reports about a child’s life until his 18th birthday. A surveillance of the adopted child is assigned to consular employees. However, this cannot be put into practice since only few reports are received on how children live in their new families.

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Lack of control leads to frequent creepy facts about children adopted by foreigners. Therefore, different representatives of education and guardianship find it difficult to give a clear assessment of the practice of an international adoption. Taking into consideration that many countries approved Hague Convention, an international adoption is acceptable. What is more, according to the adoption data, children with disabilities, who cannot receive the necessary treatment in their native country, are usually adopted by foreigners. In other words, they are given a chance. Still, this case of adoption cannot be fulfilled regularly as people need to be very sensitive to this issue, studying carefully the responsibilities of the adoptive parents. Most importantly, there should be a permanent record of the fate of a child’s future wherever the family is settled.

This issue is very difficult because it is complex and consists of several issues. Hence, today people look at all the matters related to international adoptions in a very different light. Firstly, the legislation of any country should make a priority for the procedure of adoption by their citizens. Consequently, just in case if there is no family in this country, a child should be adopted by foreign parents. This is the foundation, which should be followed and kept according to law as a basic standard. Unfortunately, nowadays, people have to acknowledge the fact that they cannot provide every child with a family in their native country. To a large extent, this affects children older than seven years, and children with disabilities. Although young children are not an exception, they still have a better chance. Therefore, in respect of these categories of children, international adoptions should be performed.

Finally, there are pros and cons in any issue, especially when it concerns humans and children in particular. There are numerous advantages of international adoptions, but each case of fathering a child requires a thorough investigation and personal approach since many adoptions might lead to drastic consequences.

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