Social Inequality in the American Middle Class


During the past few decades inequality among the American people has enormously grown in different spheres of the people’s lives. The differences have been social, political, economical and health. The American middle class and the low-income earners have been on the receiving end of this tribulation. The health sector is one of those largely affected by the low-income earners in the society. They have a limited access to the standard and required medical care and facilities in the country. This can cause the taxation increase, reduced wages and extended differences between the rich and the poor in the society.

Causes of Inequality

The trend of inequality in many American societies has been a product of many factors that have brewed and continued to grow over a long time and under the supervision of the government. Other civil groups are expected to protect consumers and members of the extended society. To some extent, the concerned bodies have shown an inability in controlling this negative trend that is now threatening the societal fabric. In a more sincere view and approach, these problems can be solved if the appropriate steps can be taken (Nanda 2010).

Migration of Job Oversees

The movement of qualified personnel in what get commonly known as brain drain has seen most of the qualified and relied upon professionals move to other countries of the world. They get attracted by better pay, liberty in the workplace and flexible professional requirements. This leads to devoid and deficiency of professionals in America. For the government to curb this, it had to raise the cost of health services to allow it to continually provide services to the citizens. The middle class and the poor who have not been able to meet the extra cost have been at the receiving end of the problems.

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Technology Intensive Jobs

The industries and other enterprises in America have opted for the technology-intensive mode of production. This means that the industries are no more employing human beings but machines. This has been done to try and reduce the cost of production in a move meant to maximize the economic gains. The process has led many American middle-class earners to lose their jobs and mostly depend on the government or else to consume their savings. This means that they can no more stands in for their insurance premiums for their health and that of their families. This has led the poor to abandon paying the premiums but opt for cheaper and poor health services. The rich, however, continue to enjoy the services at a comfortable position at the expense of the poor. This has led to a slightly significant level of inequality among the American people (Andersen 2010).

Lose of voice by the Unions

Today the number of people in unions in America has dropped significantly to 8% from over 50% in the early 1930’s. This has been as a result of failure by the unions to stand up and air the people’s voices as it was before. The unions have proofed to be either cowardice in their action or partisan. Some get the blame for playing puppet roles for the political class, the rich, employers and the government (Hacker 2010). The failure by the unions to fight and downright sabotage the growing inequality has caused the society division into classes based on social and economic muscle. This has led to the continued oppression and sidelining of the middle class while at the same time undermining their dignity and human rights on the same platform. The health insurance companies have taken this advantage to exploit the people. This has led to poor health services and products among the poor and the middle class.

The Role of the Government

A lot of experts believe the government has been the main cause of inequality in the wider American society. The citizens, authors, scholars and even planners have definite and legitimate proofs to showcase this. The actions of the government and the politicians making up the government and its policies, who are among the rich, have led to the development of the problem and its consequences.

The government change in tax patters and policies have led to the development of the problem and brought about dire consequences at all levels and sectors of life. The government taxation on products has risen over the last several years to a point where firms have to find ways of regulating the cost of production. Among the affects of high taxation are workers’ laying off in industries and other sectors of employment, additional cost in insurance premiums and medical services, adoption of technology-intensive mode of production among others. This has led to increased cost of living, more suffering of those poor and having to enrich the rich.

Formulation of Partisan Policies

The government through its legislative houses gets widely blamed for the formulation of partisan and favoring policies. The policies get considered to favor the rich while the poor and the middle class continue to suffer. This has drawn sharp differences between the rich and the poor. The policies have affected trade, employment, taxation among other factors that are of common interest to all groups and classes in the society (Rainwater 2009). In a more comprehensive and accurate approach, it becomes necessary that the policies be reviewed to ensure all Americans get the rights and privileges thus provided for in the American law and constitution.

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The Impact of Social Inequality in America

The growing trend of inequality in America has led to development of several problems in the American society. The problems grave and require urgent solution, so as to bring moral and economic cohesion in the society. The continuity of the problem over the last decade has seen the national wealth and resources end up in greedy hands of a few people, probably 10% or less and who can be described as super rich while the rest can be described as living in extended poverty. The super-rich have come up as a group of few people who posses both political and economic power. Through their wealth and influence, it can be feared that this people are likely to undermine democracy which in all forms is the pillar that defines America and its people (Jansson 2011). The upcoming of several aristocratic classes in the wider American population can be further seen as a threat to the unity of people. These are people with diverse backgrounds coming together to make the United States of America. The extent of the damage likely caused by such divisions may be fatal to America, especially on the international platform where America can be viewed as the example of democracy, equality and human rights.

Control and Solutions

The only solution to this problem is related to the American people themselves. They should shape their destiny by choosing to make the right decisions to taking the right actions. They need to elect sensitive leaders who are especially rational on national issues, which are of interest to both the rich and middle class. The leaders need to use their legislative powers to come up with better and acceptable tax policies (Ryscavage, 1999). These will ensure that all groups and individuals in the American society benefit with national resources and opportunities.


It is clear that the problem of social inequality is topical in the modern American society. The problem can be viewed from different aspects with its effects extending to the social lives of the people. The damage on the health sector is extensive and requires immediate action rest the whole sector crumbles. There is thus need to review all the policies entailing to the problem to make sure that all Americans can afford the best medical care. This will be the best law for all.

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