Social Risk Factors in Life


Education is the key to life, so they say! However, this seems quite elusive with regards to my personal life. Until recently, my life had been based on strong Christian principles of holiness and honesty. This suddenly changed the very moment that I set foot in the University because new people come into our lives and bring with them different ideas that are not all desirable. For instance, I have always known sex to be a sacred act between males and females. It appears that humans have thrown caution to the wind about sexuality as males date males and females date females in the University. In fact, the few who are yet to succumb are purely struggling with the urge to try this adventurous act. There is a strong belief that education has introduced people like me to an environment that is both challenging and tempting to humans. In the end, some of the people in my “class” of students will succumb to the social pressure and try out bisexual relationships. As for me, there is no telling what will happen tomorrow as I am beginning to believe that it is a normal thing to be bisexual in this age.

Family Life

Every religion teaches about obedience and absolute respect for elders, especially within the family. This is quite a challenge considering that as people grow up and develop independent thoughts, they find it quite hard to uphold absolute obedience. And in most cases, parents preserve their love for the most obedient kids. This brings to the fore the real challenge of just whether people should always remain obedient or begin to choose what to obey. As for me, absolute obedience has always been my idea. However, it looks quite dangerous to keep this track because the destination is not certain. It should be noted that not all adults are of good intent and that people have been misused and dumped by people who masqueraded as responsible adults. In my opinion, obedient persons are more likely to commit crimes even if they are not criminals. The chance of one developing criminal behavior increases as one gets older. This is because as one grows up, he or she starts to relate with bad people away from the family (John & Paul, 2002).

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The most popular friendships of our age are those between boys and girls. In fact, most people keep moving from one relationship to another as they search for the right person. However, the fear that continues to linger in my mind is that this trend is dangerous for the future and certainly sets a bad precedent for young people. When one is used to changing partners at an early age, there are high chances that he or she will not settle down with his or her marital partner. Thus, while we consider it the pursuit of happiness at the moment, it could turn out to be the opposite in the future.


In conclusion, there are situations in life that we consider perfectly normal today, but which may haunt us in future. It’s worthwhile to critically look at them so that they don’t destroy our future.

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