Sociology is a subject that affects the working of society. In studying sociology one understands the major dynamics of society and contributes to a positive change in the lives of individuals (Giddens, Et al,. 2007). Sociology is not a subject to me it is a passion in that the attainment of such knowledge will contribute to the transformation of society. This will mean that there will be the effective use of pragmatic investigations and decisive analysis so as to help society solve various problems. Changing the welfare of society is the goal of every social worker which must relate to the macro or microelements of society. The need to see change in the society in terms of health has necessitated the application for the postgraduate study since it will equip me with the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to instill a significant change is social health.

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The area of study intended to cover will be that of health and illnesses. On the broad objective, it will cover the social effects of health and illnesses and how the public reacts to the various illnesses, ailments, disabilities, and diseases that occur in the society. There is need to change the reactions of the affected and reduce stigma on the infected persons so as to create an equilibrium in society. Specifically the need for a comprehensive plan for a HIV/AIDS plan in society needs to be established to tackle the disease effectively in that the rates of transmitting of the virus is reduced and that those infected are accepted in society without stigmatization, and those affected such as widows, widowers and orphans are taken care of and advised accordingly. The vision is to address the issue of HIV/AIDS in the best appropriate manner in that the sick have access to medication and any psychological advice needed.

After completing the course there will be a lot to accomplish including the set up of mechanisms in society that address the virus including voluntary testing and counseling which will be free with psychological advice offered before and after tests. Awareness programs that ensure that the society is properly informed and advised will be set up. This vision requires the setting up of a social organization that will work in collaboration with the government and other non-governmental organization so as to fight and attain a HIV informed society. This will involve mobilizing resources and funds from donors, the government and well-wishers so as to achieve common goal.

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The social health and illnesses sector has many challenges but am up to the task in view of the fact that it is my passion. This means that I will aim at changing the lives in society and improve their welfare. I have already worked with a social organization that has given me the experience I need to establish the social organization for a worthy cause. I also understand the dynamics of the society I will work within that the culture, practices, rituals, and demographics which will give me an added advantage to reach the neediest of them all.

I have been enrolled as a student in the past five years since I have been undertaking special course in HIV/AIDS management and psychological training as part-time studies. This will make me blend with other scholars appropriately and come in handy in the presentations and implementation of my plans.

The major opportunity in pursuing the program will be that of changing a society that has been greatly affected by HIV/AIDS and making them realize that there is hope beyond. This will be the major role to play and though the program may be faced by financial challenges it will be effectively run to change society. My career will definitely change from the current one of being a social worker to one that can manage change in the society with a view for change and giving hope to society.

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