Supporting Aging Parents

Men lie. Friends betray. Still, there are people who are always ready to support you and lend you a helping hand, who take you just the way you are no matter what. They are your parents whose unconditional love and care you take for granted. When you are young, you think that your parents will never grow old and that they will definitely never die. In the course of time, though, you see them aging, and there comes a time when they need your support and care. I firmly believe that taking care of aging parents is one of the most paramount duties in every person’s life.

Sadly, the older we get, the less time we spend with our parents. As we grow mature and independent, we do not need their support and care much. We start our adult life and plunge into the world of new experience and sensations. Then, we build our career and start a family. Our life is hectic and fast-moving. The image of our parents is gradually fading away because we are too focused on our daily routine and responsibilities and have no time to spend with them. When we look through our childhood photos, they may reawaken the cherished memories of the happy time we spent with our parents, and we may realize that we still have a deep instinctive need to see our parents and take care of them.

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There are many ways we can support your parents. First of all, we can provide them with financial assistance. Perhaps, they have dreamt to travel around the world, so we can fill their life with exciting globe-trotting experiences. We can also help if they need, for example, to have their house repaired.

Undoubtedly, aging parents feel particularly lonely and isolated because their “family nest” has been emptied and they do not know how to fill the vacuum. They may feel estranged and neglected. I believe it is their children’s duty to make them feel needed and involved in social life and organize their leisure time. They can try spending more time together or take up some hobby, which will definitely make the bond between them stronger.

Unfortunately, aging brings along many serious diseases. If one’s parents are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, heart diseases or other age-related diseases, they are incapable of taking care of themselves. It is their children’s duty to support them and make their life as comfortable as possible. This can be really hard, as it requires patience, time, effort, and reorganizing of your whole life. However, you must always remember that they are your parents who gave you life and brought you up, and whose parental love has helped you get through the toughest times of your life.

Finally, supporting your aging parents, you will set a good example for your own children. Firstly, they will feel a part of a much diverse and supportive family network. Secondly, when you are old, they will take care of you because this will be a natural thing for them to do.

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