The 1812 War

The war of 1812 is a remarkable event that will forever be remembered in the American history. In this war, the American was attacked by the Great Britain who Washington in desolate state after their attacks (Roark, 2009). The 1812 war between the United States and Great Britain took place at a time when the French waged war with Britain. Given the war defined the relationship between the United States and Great Britain, it is essential to understand the event that led to this war, the cause of the war and its outcomes.

Events leading to the 1812 war

Prior to the war, the French under Napoleon sold the whole of Louisiana to the United States in order raise money. France was in need of money which was required to finance its war with the Britain in Europe. With Madison as President, the United States brought the land in 1802 (Roark, 2009).

The event followed the purchase of Louisiana was unpleasant. France and Britain wanted the United starts to support them in order to fight the other. This was not possible since the United States had some Britons in America. In addition, the United States has brought land from the French and fighting them would be a sign of mistrust. Amidst the persuasion, the United States remained neutral though Britain was determined to have its support in the war.

Britain began forcing American sailors to support them in their military campaigns against the French. Often, sailors in vessels from the United States were stopped and forced into working with the Britons. The United States were trading with France, and this made Britain suspect that the Americans were arming the French. France also thought of the same and this made the two warring sides search American vessels.

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While the United States faced difficulties in trading with its business partners in Europe, much harm was to come when Britain a policy that allowed it to seize American sailors and force them into fighting alongside them. Any seizure made in the United States has been made illegal with the passage of the treaty that culminated to the end of the Revolutionary War. With Britain increasingly seizing American sailors and forcing them to fight with them, the American was outraged thereby declaring a war with Britain (Roark, 2009).

There are a number of reasons which are responsible for causing the war between Britain and the United States. Nevertheless, the main reason for the war against Britain was due to the seizure of the American sailors and forcing them to fight the French. Such seizures were illegal as it disrupted the trading relationship between the United States and other European countries such as France. Given that President Madison was determined to keep the United States out of the war, it was necessary to punish Britain by engaging it war. Though the French was a nuisance to the American, the actions of Britain were seen to more harm than that of the French.

The 1812 war was fuelled by the pressure mounted by the Republicans on the Senate. Moreover, they were enough votes to pass the declaration for the war against the British (Roark, 2009). Thereafter, the declaration of war was passed by the Senate, and the United States mobilized its forces against the British. The 1812 war was fought on many fronts with both sides winning the war in some of the areas. However, the United States defeated the British because of weaponry and organization. From the war, the United States gained new territories and its border with Canada was drawn. The War led to the signing of the Ghent treaty calling for the end of the war.

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