The brand analyzed in this paper is ZARA International

Target market

The target of Zara is to capture educated and young people who are fond of and responsive to fashion. Nevertheless, they fail to identify their target segments’ lifestyles and ages as conventional retailers do.

ZARA Brand description

A fresh loom in business has been undertaken by a retailer named Zara, which is an accessories and clothing sequence possessed by Inditex based in Spain. There exist growth choices accessible for retailers who are specialty like Zara. The varying consumer traits are facilitated by globalization and the anguish of stores in the U.S. departments. However, by means of their exceptional tactic, Zara contains an aggressive benefit to be sustainable. They must face up to particular challenges that face customary retailers in the clothing market. This will help maintain its benefits as well as growth.


It would be my wish that Zara maintains their sustainable development in the clothing market. To realize its objectives, Zara needs to advance in retailing through internet. This will exhibit all of its ever-changing styles and stores online as well as accept online pre-orders. I also recommend proposing specific products for diverse geographic scenes inside the same metropolis.

The main idea

Same time advertising

Zara is currently showing each accessories and clothes purchased in the stores online. The advertising helps display its fashion both online and in the store simultaneously.

Pre-order advertising

Zara entails fast varying fashion and produces articles in small groups exclusively. It is hard to buy popular apparel to fit you both online and in store. This advertising enables Zara to embrace pre-orders with less costly price.

Only in your store advertising

This advertising presents specific products for distinct geographic scenes within similar metropolis to augment demands from consumers.

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Same time adverting

Even though Zara is suspicious of overexposure, citizens of America like the ability to select and buy goods conveniently at their homes. Because Zara is planning to develop its market in the U.S., they could achieve the prospective strategy of direct internet selling. That straight marketing will get to more consumers easier and faster. Although it might be hard to exhibit all of the ever-changing fashion of Zara online, it might prove lucrative to the shoppers to buy average trendy Zara items alongside their staple fundamentals. It will also be helpful because people who have a problem in matching apparel together can observe the model wearing. Consequently, some may just acquire all the pieces worn by the models online. This is pretty easier since the internet is readily accessible and available everywhere.

Consequently, selling becomes easier and finding out the apparel online is convenient as opposed to purchasing at an offline store. This is because consumers are able to observe a variety of apparels at once. They only need to scroll downwards as opposed to walking everywhere in stores looking for the same apparel. People can as well find out what the stores have currently and the trends in apparel wearing. Before models head to the stores to check the apparel manually, they get a chance to view them online. This assists the consumers to save some precious time for the busy people. The apparel shops and stores will also be given a chance to serve people who are busy. Therefore, they lack time to explore online shopping and only perform offline shopping.

Pre-order advertising

Currently, people in across the world are able to acquire more and first-hand information pertaining to fashion. This is facilitated by the use of several communication devices. These communication devices are based on the internet, which allows shoppers to observe fashion online. Consequently, fashion can now be seen as being standardized globally. Zara utilizes this fact as an advantage to provide most recent in clothing. With the observed continuous trend, people have become more susceptible to exclusive or limited pieces. Therefore, they have a propensity to pay extra when they are sure of getting the pieces. Zara should allow pre-orders origination from exclusive pieces at low price.

Only at one-store advertising

This is the final advertising for Zara and it present specific products for distinct geographical sites in the similar metropolis. Zara has done this to a degree of distinct worldwide preference. However, most specialties will augment the demands of the consumer and motivate them towards visiting more Zara locations. In some cities, the industry is probably experiencing cannibalization since there are numerous Zara stores with similar product. It can augment shopper traffic by distinguishing its products depending on the location. This could yield promising results because shoppers will be intrigued to visit different stores to acquire information concerning the new or distinct products. This deal would reduce cannibalism in the chain because the sales will cease from being stolen especially from the Zara stores.

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