The Coca Cola Company

This paper tackles how firms can establish an effective strategic human resource management plan. This will involve a consisted plan of action, program and policies so as to ensure a vibrant human resource department (Bratton, & Gold, 2003). The Coca-Cola Company is chosen for this paper where the top human resource managers in the department are interviewed and a report written. For a company to be globally successful the human resource function must be very effective since they play a very significant role in the operations of the business. In addition, a global business must have an efficient cross culture human resource policy that will ensure smooth and efficient operations in the workplace that will enhance growth and sustainability.

Coca Cola Company is a global soft drink beverage manufacturer, retailer and marketer; started in 1886 by John Stith Pemberton a pharmacist. The company was branded in 1892 and currently offers more than 500 brands of beverages that are present in more than 200 countries (Human Resource Management of Coca-Cola, 2011). It has continued to grow through it franchise system and using its distribution channels for efficient and effective deliver of the products to the customer. Its headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia but has other establishments globally. The human resource management of the company is very essential since it contributes a lot to the effectiveness of the manufacture, retail and distribution systems. The company has a focus on the acquisition and retention of very skilled and knowledgeable personnel so that it can have a better competitive advantage over it employees.

The company seeks to maintain this as a great asset and ensures that it provides the best incentives to ensure they are attracted to their work. The company also focuses on team building where all staffs are able to work together to achieve the company’s mission and vision. On the other hand, the company provides security for the employees that are effective in ensuring that they are able to focus on the job and never get distracted by uncertainties of what they will do in future. The strategies, objectives, programs and policies are already prescribed by the company and go hand in hand with the company’s mission, vision, objectives, policies, goals and the environment (both external and internal) (Human Resource Management of Coca-Cola, 2011). These strategies cover even those who are employed in the low levels of management including the sales, distribution and marketing staff.

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The human resource department has been charged with the duty of implementing all functions such as Job analysis and working design, staff welfare, recruitment and selection, compensation, performance appraisals, training and development, employee relationships and medical policies. With the appropriate strategies, the department is able to organize and manage the staff whereby the company will be effective and efficiently run (The Coca-Cola Company, 2011). This is because the staffs are always satisfied with their work and thus can be able to deliver perfectly and as appropriate as possible. Those who aspire to work for the company can apply for positions for opportunities which include Generalist, Organizational Development, Training, Employee Relations and Compliance, Staffing, Compensation and Benefits and Occupational Health.

The main challenge for the company’s human resource department is in the huge number of employees that are to be factored into the system. Also, there is the development of an effective cross-cultural strategy that will help the firm incorporate all the cultures that work in all the countries. In addition, the transfers of staff to different regions have caused culture shock which the company is developing effective strategies to deal with.

In conclusion, despite the few challenges faced the company has been able to rise above them and create a successful strategic human resource management plan which has propelled the company to greater heights including having a competitive advantage over it competitors.

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