The Eye of the Beholder

In reference to Brian, he argues that from the societal and cultural point of view, women have been known to express love and mercy towards suffering animals (5). Specifically, in his survey concerning euthanizing, he found that male veterinary students executed the process of without any emotional and mercy feeling to the animals they administered. In contrast, his counterpart female student experienced difficulties in carrying the same process by expressing human fear and empathy until they got used to. He also depicts that, women show close attention to suffering animals than men by the fact she had to mask her face and she screamed several times before she got used(Brian 5).

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According to Sherwood Explains about gender bender by arguing that Men love hunting more than ladies, hence men have less empathy to suffering of animals (31). in his argument he gives out an example which indicate that women will not love to execute animals during hunting .he gives an example of prom queen Evelyn, a female hunter, who shoots a zebra while hunting and kill sit, instead of congratulating herself, she feels awful about it and it turns to be a disgrace, many thought crease cross her mind thinking that maybe the zebra might have been a mother or probably it might have been pregnant or maybe nursing (Sherwood 31).

However, Sherwood still puts more light to the matter under discussion by exploring another example, which contrast by showing that men still love keep and take care of animal (131). He demonstrates this by depicting his concern to his friends faded photograph next his office; the photograph is kept on his desk indicating some significance when questioned by Gibson about it, he melts by expressing his deep concern about how he loved the departed dog. He explains that he named it blue because it had one blue eye and the other brown which it lovable. His affection towards the blue dog is expressed when he talks and kisses the dog before it dies, further, The remarks that he will probably think about the dog till his deathbed. Again, he demonstrates the love for the dog by the way he took care of the dog when it fell sick and gave it remarkable reclamation(Sherwood 31).

In conclusion, it means that every single person sees things in a different perspective. We cannot fail to love what we find beautiful, and different loving standards are different, no one has the exact or makes anyone else to articulate to their standards but it is in the eye of the beholder. So, since we cannot help who we love, and no one loves the exact same way as the other, nor can we tell or make anyone else love the way we do we love, true love, likewise can be seen in the eye of the beholder.

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