The founding fathers in the American education

The founding fathers in the American education believed that everyone must have good education though they were afraid the tyranny of a central authority might take control making the system miss its set purpose. Most of the learning institutions were left under the control of individual states and the constitution never mentioned any educational matters in the Constitution. However, in 1787, a law was passed that provided for Congress to provide for lands to encourage education.

Noah Webster is considered as the Father of American Education. He was a soldier, judge, legislator, and the creator of Webster’s Dictionary and the founder of America. He was not pleased by the schools were run during his time since a single class usually had like seventy kids making the class very huge and class management was very minimal.

Noah Webster major contribution was through writing several books on how to teach kids how to read and write and spell. His spelling book was very popular and it motivated him to write a dictionary. Through his efforts, Webster, Americanized the English language which was initially inclined to England’s, for example, a world like colour was changed to color and centre to center. He believed that all Americans should speak a common language.

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Noah Webster founded Amherst College and advised educators against punishing students for their wrongdoing but instead positively rewarding them so as to reinforce the good values while discouraging them from bad habits. He also helped establish the University of Virginia and designed a curriculum that focused on reading, writing and arithmetic.

Noah fought against sending young gentlemen to Europe to learn certain vices but instead get education first and afterwards proceed their if fortunes and time allow them. In his debates, Noah encouraged the Americans to unshackle their mindsets and put the interests of their children first so that they can enjoy embrace the broad system of education.

Thomas Jefferson on his part believed that some people only required very basic education and others require acquiring advanced education so as to reach their goals. Thomas described the best learning as that which involved learning by seeing and observing though he still encouraged learning by reading. Contrary to Webster, Thomas believed that kids should read more history books compared to the bible. He encouraged everyone to learn history. According to Thomas we should learn from our mistakes and our right deeds.

The significance of Noah Webster and Thomas Jefferson generally to the nation education created a situation whereby the states could not afford to lose the resource of a child by the fact that they had not got the proper education. However, several inequalities such as of student’s abilities, environmental conditions, and governmental policy were a big challenge to the delivery of education. The needs of the society were served by public schools because educational opportunity could not be left for the wealth community alone.

According to Jefferson, adopting the European system of education in America was like losing one’s knowledge, morals, health, habits and happiness. He warned that the education would produce changes in attitude towards family life which is not what he actually expected to see happen.

In conclusion, the growth and development of the education in America is very much founded on the fathers of education. It is through their efforts that American language became unified by establishing a common American language. They also fought for education for all without which education would have remained an elusive service only for the wealth thus creating tyrants. According to Jefferson, Americans should create the zeal to encourage the growth and development of a strong educational system that is not depended on any other system of education.

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