The Mexican American struggle during the 1940s

The Mexican American struggle involved deep-rooted racial prejudice and discrimination between Americans and the Latinos. The polarization of society that emanated from shrunk liberty and disorder and disregard to humanity in the Native America Propelled a struggle to contain the broken fabrics of war-torn society. The pursuit of vengeance swept across Los Angeles due to desire for economic control perception by Latinos. The Mexican struggle targeted transformation of social, economic and political power to re-define Mexican identity, and influence in the peninsular.

The legacy of the revolution, sent waves of political upheavals as nationalistic uprising swept across Mexico to the United States. The sleepy lagoon case re-established desire for long-tem democracy, control of economic resources and sovereignty and creation of powerful regime. The zoot suit riots erupted as a result in Los Angeles, California between the Marines influenced by Latin youths, and the sailors of the United States. This was meant to reinstate the perishing was of cultural backdrop.

The sleepy lagoon murder represented the death of a Latino young man in a barrio near the Los Angeles. The associated social implicated tensions engulfed the society as the military servicemen restricted the fundamental rights of Latinos as they were seen as extravagant in socialization. The youth culture brought the style of the zoot suit, which propelled the negative attitude of the clothing (zoot suit) also known as “Pachucos”. In the sleepy lagoon murder case, the murdering of Jose Diaz and the perpetual imprisonment and conviction of nine men brought much difference and brutality and verbal disgrace. (Pagan, 2003)

The Mexican youth became regarded as barbaric hoodlums and gangsters by the police. As a result, the police instilled measure to crack Juvenile offense increasing the polarization between the military (police) and the pachucos. The zoot-suit was regarded as a tool for crime and social scandals but regarded as benchmark of linearization and symbol of patriotism (Eduardo, 2009)

As a result of the unfolding animosity from sleepy lagoon case, violent uprising followed. Mexico in zoot-suits and the United States service personnel engaged in attack infernos. Form Oakland, Delano, and San Diego to Los Angles the thirst for territorial and political control across the pacific cost emerged. The Mexican dissatisfaction with the American regime encouraged war to shape the perception of Mexicans and the bring to an end the tyranny of the American people. The emergence of war and struggle prompted a revolution of might that created the desire for international influence and economic control.

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Mexican veterans participated in war turmoil to levirate the Latinos from discrimination and rule in Colorado, Nevada and Utah. The sot suit brought fresh passion for self-identity in a racially torn society. The merinos, Amerindians and Mulattos were considered Mexicans and regretted as seen by the limitation posed on their fundamental and political rights. The denial of voting rights and participation made majority of Latinos to fight for freedom towards achievement of democracy and national identity by Native Mexicans.

Vast stereotypes and ethical disregard followed the suit. Mexicans Americans faced discrimination ranging from culture, race and poverty. Mexican expatriations and war were the resolution that followed to minimize the racial oppression they were subjected to in the United States. For instance, a Mexican American was denied funeral services because of racial considerations and struggles within this war-torn society. Such fundamental denials created a wound of hatred and infamy across the pacific coast.

This together with sleepy lagoon facilitated crimes and attacks against Latinos, increasing public condemnation by the natives. As a result, civil arrests and disturbances emerged, among the Mexican immigrants bringing a fresh claim of segregation among the Latino ancestry. The struggle continued to the realization and expression of communal culture, and the need for recognition by the Anglo Americans. This encouraged the fight for central play and stability by the oppressed Latinos.

Due to zoot suit war, and continued struggle for identity, the Latino segregation declined as harsh treatment from societal stereotypes e.g. from sleepy lagoon was arrested. Lower socio-economic profiles of the Latinos enabled Americans to exert influence on this ancestral group. The earlier harassment from zoot suit riots is seen as a necessary attempt that produced “cleansing effect” in Los Angeles from the American point of view. This eroded the pillars of humanity and social order. The zoot suits are also attacked brutality in central avenue corridor area demonstrating the rooted enmity in the Mexican American society. In response attempts to fight race discord are developed. The Mexicans through equality movement and human relation acted in a noble defense alongside civil arrest to reverse the political and ethnical upheavals that characterized the American and Mexican societies. (Mason, 1998)

The Mexican American struggle also led to the invasion of Mexican northern coast ant the Pacific coast of Mexico. This opened hostilities between the American servicemen and the Mexican artillery. In the sleepy lagoon case, racial platforms are seen as evident groups of pachucos fought themselves at the William ranch near a lagoon. From the findings, José Diaz is found unconscious and assumed to have died from head trauma. Despite the clear medical findings that he might have died from the injuries of a car accident he was involved in, the media reportedly misinterpreted the information as a street gang attack, giving clear aspect of decadence in racially discriminated society. The media is depicted as partisan and in favor with the white Americans who owned resources.

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Consequently, the media in top gear bargains for defense actions against zoot suiters, and in support of police servicemen a clean page of war is established. The American society is painted to have lacked basic fundamental requirements for justice as Chinaco youths are placed on trials without major emphasis on equality and fairness. In a continued struggle to gain autonomy and self freedom, sleepy lagoon defense team and other Latinos awoke to the call of the day, to fight for their rights and to uncover the disease of racial discrimination and favoritism. Nationwide public arrest and condemnation were enacted by Mexicans to liberate the Mexican immigrants from chains of segregation. (Pagan, 2002)

The Mexican American struggle is also illustrated when the Latinos and the Filipinos are depicted as mediocre (second-rate beings). From the sleepy lagoon case, approximately 600 Latinos are held with contempt from deep suspicion. This is made clearer and worsened when testimony against Mexicans is permitted by a jury in an attempt by the defense team to link human killings to sacrifices made by the Mexican community to their Aztec ancestors. This showed a serious disregard to value of life and prompted the activists’ movement by Mexican in order to redefine their history and democracy within the society. The movement therefore necessitated request for fair trial and respect for fundamental rights and individual predisposition in the morally degraded society.

The civil arrests and war engaged that engulfed the society led to the realignment of the basic status quo giving a priority to equality for all in the pacific region. The movement too gave birth to reversals of the conviction of the sleepy lagoon case,. The Filipino Americans therefore maintained the fight for recognition and economic stability to set loose the chains of discrimination, oppression and segregation. All this attempts were meant to correct societal disturbances of the American lieutenants. In conclusion, the racial discrimination and segregation that formed a benchmark in the Latin America led to struggles for liberation and economic control. The zoot suit and sleepy lagoon represented deep-rooted aspects of disregard

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