Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was elected president in 1904 and ordered the government to prosecute a number of trusts. This earned him the title of “trust buster.” He did no problem with the growth of industrialism or too big businesses but felt that the government needed to supervise the growth of the businesses for the benefit of the general public interest because some businesses were exploiting their workers by underpaying them. Roosevelt believed that human labor in the business circles were all entitled to the” square deal.”

According to Theodore Roosevelt businesses should not be regulated but their actions and powers should be controlled. They should operate in a free state with freedom to make their own independent choices with less interference. His aim was to bring social justice and fair dealings to an American industry and commerce. John D. Rockefeller, the founder of the Standard Oil Company and the wealth Rockefeller Foundation began small and through hard work made his fortune sometimes through controversial business tactics, making him an entrepreneurial hero. He began with the oil business that grew to the Standard Oil Trust controlling many other interests. This caused his trust to fell afoul of anti-trust laws which the U.S. Supreme Court termed as a monopoly and forced it to separate into competing companies. During the America’s First Trust the Rockefeller’s business began to change and moved beyond refining oil into producing crude oil.

Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 provided for the federal inspection of meat products. It as forbade the manufacture and sale of adulterated food products and poisonous medicines which was due to public education and exposes. The act ensured that products are correctly labeled. All substances even those harmful such as cocaine were legal provided that were properly labeled. It ensured that products with excessive caffeine were reduced to the right proportions. The Pure Food and Drug Act led to the creation of the food and Drug Administration (FDA) which was more comprehensive.

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Meat Inspection Act was enacted in 1935, its aim was to inspect all cattle, sheep, goats, and horses when slaughtered and processed into meat products for human consumption. It ensured a though inspection of all meat products before reaching the customers. The main objective of the law was to prevent misbranded livestock and products from being sold as food too unknowing customers. It ensured that and to ensure that poultry meat products are slaughtered and processed under sanitary conditions. Exported meat as well underwent similar inspection. It constantly ensured that all labels on any food type of had to be accurate with all the ingredients well displayed.

President Roosevelt’s main success was in the conservation of natural resources under the United States Forest Service through an act of 1891. The act was to sustain efficient use of natural resources rather than exploitation and development others. The main cause of destruction of forest was by private developers. Roosevelt commissioned the construction of western dams, and the task of reclaiming the desert Southwest through irrigation project was started. He at times used his Presidential Proclamation, to secure land made for natural conservation from developers.

According to President Roosevelt’s action, the American citizens gained a lot from his leadership because if he never took such bond steps then most of the resources would have been misused by selfish developers and most workers would never be paid for work done since businesses would not be answerable to the government as it is currently. So in my opinion the President Roosevelt’s is a great leader.

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