To Ensure Justice

To accomplish this assignment, I conducted an interview with Mr. Kevin Santos, a criminal defense/immigration lawyer, located at 680 Wolf Ave, Easton PA 18042. Before setting up in private practice, Mr. Santos has been a probation officer for two years and a public defender for the same period. Mr. Santos graduated from the Temple University Beasly School of Law in 1997. Later, he was accepted to the Pennsylvania Bar Institute in 2005. Today, he is a legal member of a federal court in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania that among other structures is the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. As for his private life, he is happily married man. Together with a wonderful wife, he is bringing up three children.

Where did It All Start?

Mr. Santos stated that he ran his law firm in 2007. Initially he was a probation officer, but he realized that his personality did not fit for that kind of job. He is a person who likes arguments, and for that, he is always ready to combat, as he believes that he is always right. These characteristics, as well as his clear sense of discerning right from wrong led him to become a criminal defense/immigration lawyer. After several years of working for other people, he felt it was a right time to execute his passion for law practice.

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Getting a slot in a law school is not easy. Mr. Santos reckons that, it is very competitive. He says that he was not the smartest student in the college. He scored 2.29 in GPA and 50 percent in ISATs. Nevertheless, that did not stop him, as he had a strong desire to join a legal profession. Afterwards, he became a paralegal, then a probation officer. According to Mr. Santos, hard work is important in whatever scope you are in. During his stint as a probation officer, he was promoted to a warrant officer; it was then he was accepted into a law school. In such a manner, he advocates for resilience and perseverance to achieve dreams that seem to be impossible. He admires the fact that Abraham Lincoln had failed three times before he became the President of the United States.

Challenges in the Profession

Mr. Santos is inclined to deal with the sensitive cases, which pertain to family concerns. Winning a case means a lot to his clients. He sets an example of families separated because of the immigration law. At times, it becomes emotional for him, especially when young children are involved. Criminal law, on the other hand, has been covered well by the law. According to him, the amendments to the US Constitution have critically affected the criminal law. In the US Constitution, the criminal procedures are covered in Amendments IV, V, VI, and VIII.

Although criminal procedures tend to interfere with criminal law, they also ensure fairness in trials, since their primary goal is to make certain the rights of the suspect are being respected, maintaining tranquility and peace in the society.

Mr. Santos believes that law is for everyone to be practiced. Although women still have to work harder to be recognized as good lawyers. Gender identity should not be lost; it is not the outside appearance but how well one plays his/her roles. Practicing law involves employing tact and striking when the iron is still hot. He concludes that women should fight harder in order to rightfully gain their position in the legal profession. I feel the interview with Mr. Santos was extremely beneficial. It provided information about being a lawyer, and what to expect in the profession. He has made me realize that it is not only good grades that matter but passion and character. I have similar qualities and beliefs and would love to fight for what is right. In addition, I chose this path for personal reason.

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Particularly, due to the immigration laws, my six-month-old daughter and I have been separated from my fiance. This means that my daughter will not grow up with her father. What is more, this has put a burden on me, as I have to provide her with everything all alone. I believe, at times, the law does not serve the best interest of a child. If I am not a happy mother, then my daughter will miss out on the basic things a mother should teach her child. What kind of society are we bringing up? This predicament fuels my desire to become an immigration lawyer; I want to fight for the rights of the young children, who do not choose to be born in a foreign country. I am sure, I would work twice as hard to ensure justice. Mr. Santos has encouraged me by ascertaining that gender does not matter as long as one has the skills. When I embark on this career, I will help even those without money. The ability to help at least one person would be enough to satisfy me, where a reunited family is the most important factor.

Conducting this interview was a great experience; now I know much more about the responsibilities, salaries and graduate scores required if one wishes to be a lawyer. My aim is to become an immigration/criminal lawyer, and now I have a ground plan how to achieve my goal.

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