Travel Machine

Today, each of us can easily have the photo and video camera, GPS navigator, phone, audio and video player, calculator and even all parts of Harry Potter in one pocket with the device called a "smartphone". 80% of the global population uses the Internet, through which they feel free to view different parts of the world online. Our ancestors could hardly have imagined this 200 years ago. Even though the human imagination has no limits, it was still hard, because every day new inventions are made. However, there is a device that would totally change the course of history and make life exciting. It is called a travel machine.

The Travel machine is a great invention for those whose passion is traveling. Taking into consideration that everyone wants to visit different parts of the world in real life and not just watching videos on the Internet, travel machine will provide a great opportunity. The main feature of this invention is that one can feel the beauty of every corner of the world, go sightseeing and even taste different dishes without leaving home. The critics may decide that this device will replace real traveling around the world, but this opinion will be contradicted further.

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The machine itself is approximately 4 meters in length and 2 in width. It consists of a broad 5D-glassed screen providing an opportunity to see everything from the first person; a real-time tracking system, where one may choose which direction to go to; a comfortable chair, and a special helmet that transmits electronic pulses to the brain. The main system that will operate the device is a powerful computer. This computer is built into the system box. The computer will have a database of all countries, their customs, culture, landmarks, and a small portion of the projection of the city. Also, the program will include the main dishes of different countries of the world and will reproduce their taste. The user will have two ways of using the machine: standing (in case you want to walk around) and sitting (tasting food or drinks in the restaurant). Now, we will turn to the details of how the invention works.

First of all, the user turns on the system, puts on the special glasses and sits down on the chair. Once the computer has loaded all countries, the user selects one and has the following options to choose:

  • watch the video about the historically valuable places and history of the country in 5D format;
  • walk around the capital of the country in order to enjoy the atmosphere;
  • visit a restaurant with local cuisine and feel the taste of various dishes and drinks.

Taking into consideration all of the options described above, one may wonder how it is possible to taste food remotely. The point is that the system sends all information about the taste to the helmet. When the restaurant-visiting option is activated, the helmet uses the latest electronic pulses to transmit information to the brain, stimulating the receptors of taste; thus, building an image of the real taste of the food. Then the helmet passes the information about the taste of food or drinks to the brain. In a video played, the person chooses food and this process takes place in the real time, so the traveler feels as if he/she tastes the food personally. This is how the human brain gets a new taste of a drink or meal.

Taking into consideration the structural features of the travel machine, we can conclude that it is quite affordable. The only detail that will have a significant cost is a helmet. Development of these helmets requires considerable financial investments; however, assuming that the demand for the device in future will increase, the machine is quite inexpensive and useful.

Unfortunately, today this system has not been invented yet, but given the rapid development of science and technology, the travel machine will be used in every home. Moreover, people will use it not only for the informed choice of the country to go to but also for digital trips.

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