TV and its Relationship to Culture

The movie Limitless is a story of an unaccomplished writer, Eddie Mora, who lives in New York, and comes across a drug that can help him use 100 percent of his brain. At the beginning of the movie, the poverty-stricken Eddie Mora has been recently dumped by his girlfriend after landing a job as senior editor. In addition, he has failed to meet the deadline for submission of his book, which he has not even started yet. At this point, Eddie Mora bumps to his former drug-dealing brother-in-law, Vernon Grant (Johnny Whitworth), who introduces him to a new drug called NZT. The drug makes him a hypomania and helps to write the first ninety pages of his book.

From then on, his life is on a fast lane. His ability to focus, understand and memorize everything he reads becomes limitless. He starts working his way to the riches of the casino tables, advising stock market gurus and CEOs, making a fortune in the market. Everything does well until Carl Von Loon consults him for his expertise, and he works overnight exhausting the entire doze that he had. The withdrawal from the drug has considerable effects on him. However, he had some more hidden at his girlfriend’s house. The movie ends with Eddie going for a greater ambition, running for the presidency in the United States. The drug is making him limitless.

The movie explains the cultural changes into our modern society, which concerns the desire for power, riches, unlimited success, and love. People are willing to do anything to succeed in these aspects. Social evils such as murder appear, so long as power is obtained. As for the cases of pharmaceuticals, they make a living through the manufacture of drugs that make people believe in enhancing of their brain capacity. Actually, these drugs have mood altering effect and lead to addiction. In turn, the pharmacists can remain in the market due to this addiction. Obviously, this is a clear demonstration that the society runs on self-interest.

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In the movie, Eddie, whose carrier is shaky, is willing to do anything to improve his status. By taking the drug once, he is able to write his book. The desire for additional success makes him look for the drug; thus, he is not afraid to follow up the story of his bother in law so long as he has attained his objectives. More so, the withdrawal from the drug has adverse effects such that he has to continue using it to avoid these effects.

To apply this scenario in our current society, wannabe writers take drugs such as Adderall which help them to concentrate while other creative writers proclaim that the shot glass or caffeine rush in their blood help their creativity (Levitin, 2005). The movie tries to portray our secret desires to be smarter and better than we already are. Looking at the political arena in the modern society, the most powerful individuals are the politicians. More so, the United States has the most powerful government on earth. They make things happen and make unquestionable decisions. They decide the path the country is going to take. They are the lawmakers. Thus, it is logic in the movie that in the end, Eddie decides to take a political turn aiming at the highest post, the president.

In terms of love, the movie demonstrates to the audience that mind power cannot outwit love. We still need each other to survive in this world. Eddie gets back with his girlfriend who has dumped him due to poverty and his lack of motivation. Despite the superhuman ability, he still loves the same woman. Simply, no man is an island.

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