Understanding Prejudice

Awareness of slaves held by US Presidents

It had never occurred to me that even the presidents who are supposed to be served by loyal citizens had slave in their families! To tell the truth, the number or figures of slave ownership is a new discovery to me a bitter truth to admit.

  1. Reaction to information

Of all the things that I expected to be world surprises, is when a President uses his own hand to miss treat servant by whipping and even pouring salt to fresh would. For heaven, sake this is torture of the highest order. Irrespective of the races individuals are entitled to human rights; it doesn’t cost to have a human heart and treat people like the living thing. Am sure the same presidents could not afford to treat their animals in the same way. So how did the value the life of a “slave” because to me animal were more valuable than the slaves! Such information should be exposed to many to understand the origin and the price racial activist have paid and thus the respect they deserved.

  1. Unpopularity of the information

Currently the America is a home of mixed races, and people from all aspect of the world. To defend its’ unity and harmony, such information that may lead to hatred amongst the citizens is withheld and conceal to the public. If this could be taught many of the people who have roots in the slavery would feel urge to revenge for their fathers. There would be great rivalry amongst the whites and the other races. In the history books most of such information lacks despite the broad steps taken by America in freedom of expression.

  1. Influence of prejudice on historical records

Many people abhor the fact that prejudice is the major setback for awareness. In revealing information in historical documents the writers discriminates the information to side or in favor of one opinion. When this information finally reaches the affected group they respond by hostility due to being underlooked or mistreatment as the villain. Prejudice is destructive to prejudicial and the group which is discriminated against since it only multiplies the negative consequences ignorance instead of enhancing understanding.

  1. Blaming the past Presidents

Irrespective of the era, human life must be safeguarded and respected. The president who lived those days had a chance of reversing the understanding of the citizens on the bases slaves’ rights. However, they didn’t want to so as not to lose their affiliates and citizens support. In this way they were only protecting the established rules however inhuman they were. For instance, the constitution allowed the slavery trade in America but some of the presidents such as John Quincy Adams never had even a single slave yet the previous and the subsequent president shamefully mistreated their slaves. The doctrines of human life cannot be based on the skin color to an extent of regarding the black race as lacking the intelligence and moral habits thus have not regrets of being and their social class. Van Buren who was antislavery, was keen to not that the constitution did not prohibit in existing U.S.A states yet he had the necessary influence to amend the constitution to recognize the slaves’ rights. To my opinion, the presidents are to judge.

Relevance of slave record today

History is the best teacher yet a bad how to live. Knowing the list of the slave possession by the American president will play a big role in exposing what the white house has concealed for years. This will act as motivating forces to the black people and another descendant of the slave to pursue the rightful place as American citizens. Such information will go long ways in restoring respect to the fore fathers who were activist of human rights condemning racialism, tribalism and discrimination in terms of origin and skin color.

  1. Andrew Jackson portrait in $20 bill

Currently the charisma of portrait in money bill is a sign of adoration and done to remember the influential and people who made a distinction in modeling the current US. Andrew Jackson portrait only ring a bell to slaves descendant the astringent quotes that he expressed such as “Whites are a superior race”. Having in mind that he never appreciated the paper money there is no reason as to why his portrait shouldn’t be withdrawn and replaced by that of an individual who contributed massively sake of American future such as Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman or the current president Barrack Obama.

  1. US government reparation for slavery

Compensation for slavery is an idea which should be embraced by all. To show respects for human right and regrets for the past mistreatment of the slaves, their descendants must be repatriated and apologies sort (Michelson & Melissa R. 2002). Most of the development and the steps that U.S. could not be achieved were it not for the cheap labor that they acquired from the slaves. For instance in 1860s, slave put up the statue of freedom at the apex of the Capitol arena. Through their efforts, the US is currently the superpower. It is also evidenced that with the past three Presidents the discrimination has dwindled enormously for instant in 1997 President Clinton apologized to survivors of syphilis experiment conducted in 1930, he order payment of $10 to the families.

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