The ICT sector is very important especially for development in the society of today in almost all sectors such as industry and education as well as communication. The digital divide aid in fastening growth especially in countries that are still developing; However good the ICT is, it also important to realize that the food and other amenities are important in these countries since most of them are unable to feed themselves or have the basic amenities. Therefore it is important that these amenities are provided fast before the digital divide.

Digital divide

Is basically the assessing the impacts that the information technology has in the society. The difference between the users and those not using technology is established so as to bridge the difference. Basically, in the 1960s onwards, the technology was perceived to be the major fuel to the industrialization, therefore, the developed countries tried to transfer technology to the poor countries since there was a clear notion the countries with technology would develop faster industrially. Towards the end of the 1970s, the UNESCO convened the intergovernmental informatics famously known as the Intergovernmental Informatics Organization Meeting whereby the poor countries were meant to achieve amicable growth. The aim was to reduce the difference between the rich and the poor countries. The internet connection were among the developments that fill y were realized.

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The achievement was mainly on, the internet connectivity whereby many countries were able to be connected to the internet as the best way of realizing the vision. Though each government and the UNESCO planned to reduce the digital divide, there was a least definition of the word by the bodies, therefore, their objectives could not be quite met (Avgerou 2008). Later after the internet introduction, the developed countries resulted in the pushing for the ICT as the opportunity for the bridging more in the technological difference, therefore, they called for the adoption of the ICT for easier development. In was in the year 2003 that the UN body embraced the benefits from the internet. Though the consideration was aimed at monitoring the ICT, the aim was basically only to the internet but other sector of the ICT were not considered in the development. In 2004, a different idea came with those for the idea was that there was need for the connection to be faster so as to fasten the technology and development in general.

The concept of the digital divide

Some of the emerging issues in the ICT included the usage whereby the sector was divided according to the accessibility, knowledge and the kind of data received. Basically, the main reason for the divide was to achieve a more precise study on the penetration of the technology to the poor countries. The basis of the ICT Building Bridges Initiative was based on number of people able to access the internet. Among the people with the access to the internet, those with knowledge of the internet were also a matter of concern and finally the need for stuff that individuals are concentrated with on the internet. Some of the basics in the digital divide are the availability infrastructures mainly being the computers. With infrastructure, the knowledge of the ICT is another sector that is looked upon by those involved in the sector. Development and creating awareness over the use of the ICT is important in the section. The use of internet is also important to the people in different ways such as for business purposes, education and also consultancy services, therefore, development of ICT should involve it.

The internet, therefore, is aimed to aid in improving the services that people receive around the globe. From the basics, the technology is aimed at reducing the digital divide. Though the program is aimed at improving the livelihood of the poor countries, the intended aims have never been realized for the reason that the governments have been concentrating on building the infrastructure and policies aimed at governing the sector rather than the development of the sector in reality. Some other areas of the ICT have been neglected most of them involving other than the computer systems such as phones the digital divide and the society

Some of the barriers in the achievement of the anticipated digital divide include the increase on ignorance as the technology grows faster. The believe that the technology increase the opportunities, as well as reduction of poverty in the poor countries, may have been a misguided idea due ignorance. The opposite is experienced due to the initiative in different countries due to difficulties involved in the implementation process. Some questions are not answered and for the reason over the problems encountered in the introduction of the process, therefore, it is important that the digital divide be put in reality as the disadvantages should be well assessed. The incorporation of the technology in the society that is very dynamic both socially and politically is one of the challenges that has to be addressed if the technological benefits are to be addressed before enactment of the changes. Since it is a change in technology touches the lifestyle of the people, it might affect them negatively due to the inability of the initiative to take care of the needs of the people as well as the reason for the change should be clearly stated.

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The incorporation of the initiative might as well bring out harmony among different cultures as well the use of technology to incorporate the diverse views that people from different cultures are incorporated to a single culture, therefore, harmonizing the issue cultural divergence. The incorporation of technology is a direct relationship with the society and culture and organization. Basically the initiatives for the development of the ICT in the poor countries are challenged by the countries social set up. Some countries may welcome the initiative easily while others may be hard for them to incorporate due to different cultural divergence. However countries may wish to incorporate the initiative if the digital divide, the number of people willing to embrace the technology is very important especially when spreading the and utilizing the ICT in gaining economic benefits from it. A society wiling to embrace the digital divide initiative for economical gains, uses the technology basically for economical gains as well make some innovations that sees the technology grows into a bigger technological change.

Those that embrace technology have the major challenges of the implementing the ICT among the poor countries the adaption of the initiative is likely to change the situation in such a way those embracing the technology are better place in ripping a lot from it. The digital divide has been looked upon in different way both negative and positive to the social existence. Some of the major challenges digital divide is facing includes the increase in social touch therefore breaching the social coexistence since the internet itself comes out with a certain social classes. Nevertheless, the initiative will all, the way in making the affected countries grow into bigger economy due to the creation of the more opportunities. The less privileged have an opportunity to capitalize on the digital divide to increase their income therefore the difference socially is actually the major cause of the digital divide in the society.

Digital divide expresses some difference from other cultures since it is actually one in the whole world therefore unlike the cultures that people embrace, digital divide is one therefore it gives all the groups and cultures time to be together. Therefore the transfer of information from one point to another will be easier and related all over the world. The understanding that the divide is brought out by the fact that the people believe the information in the society is brought out by the general believe that the society change did not result in the change of technology rather the people believe that innovations was the major cause of technology therefore making the idea being viewed as natural.

Poverty and Digital divide

Poor countries are majorly associated with their cultures therefore the major challenge is basically how to deal with culture and making the people embrace the technological change. The conflict with the society therefore is basically a step that may hinder the realization of the challenge ahead. Some of the services proved by the digital divide have been questioned by critics saying that it lowers the growth in some sectors such education among other things. Since in most states, the technology is basically because of state control therefore the control by the state may hinder business visibility of their investment in the sector. As a result, the high investment may be left out to low utility therefore the lowering the economy in the country. Poor nations usually have many problems to tackle for instance basic needs before they think other things.

Most of these countries however are also affected by the low education level therefore investing on the ICT may not be used to the full capacity. Considering, the, dynamic nature of the ICT, the some infrastructure may be obsolete before it is fully utilized. Some countries suffer from foods crisis among other basic amenities. Basic schooling is also a problem to say therefore it is quite important to realize the needs for these basic things. It is not practical for the infrastructure that may not be in use to be forwarded to the poor nation that doesn’t have a place to live. Other reasons for the poor countries being unable to embrace technology well is because the political systems are quite an ease especially in providing harmonized policies that that can enable development of project without any problem


The digital divide is important in improving the livelihood of many people across the world therefore the provision of the latter is good however it is important that is basic amenities to the poor should be provided too.

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