USA and Canada

At the very beginning, it should be noticed that countries which have common border are always common: Ukraine and Russia, Great Britain and Ireland etc. Languages of these countries are usually similar, though not always identical. Similarities are also noticed in culture, traditions, religion etc.

From the very beginning, Canada and the USA were both colonies of Great Britain, but when American citizens decided to fight for their freedom, Canada remained a colony of Great Britain. The “Country of Freedom” became a multinational country, where representatives of every nation could be found. Canada, on the other hand, is represented by French and English-speaking settles.

As for the economy, both countries are well-developed. Unfortunately, no matter how Canada tries, but the U.S. remains much stronger country in the international trade market, as well as in international arena.

As for the government, authorities and police, both states are federal ones, which are formed by units in the country (provinces and states). However, in Canada, local authorities have more power than the U.S. ones.

Speaking about the climate, it should be noticed that the U.S. and Canada have different levels of temperature on their territories. This temperature varies from cold on the North to warm on the South. Moreover, it rains more on the East and West of the USA, as mountains on the North and South prevent clouds from spreading on the other parts of the United States.

Both countries have the same problem – the global climate change. As a result of this, changes in ecosystem appear, more and more severe droughts happen, the sea level increased, as well as the temperature on entire territories.

These changes are caused by the agriculture policy conducted by both states, so, it can be mentioned, that the global climate change is the problem of both countries and now of the whole world.

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As for Keystone Pipelines, one would totally agree with activists who wanted to prevent the construction of the pipeline. Although it would qualitatively affect the economy, the main factor for the benefit of which should authorities act is life and health of citizens.

That is why Barak Obama did everything right when he decided not to sign the permission. The Keystone Pipeline is a risk to wildlife, air and water pollution, and it is also a possible danger to Native Americans and indigenous communities

I think that it is not possible for the U.S. to have a separatist party. The problem is that, despite the fact that the U.S. is multinational and federal state, the power of minorities is too low.

In addition, the representatives of separation ideology do not have precise location, while such units are to be formed mostly based on a territorial factor.

The separate party can be formed only when people have common origin, common roots, language, culture and religion. The most vital is that it should be clearly delineated territory.

The U.S. has many different nations, even too many to form a separate party.

As for me, the most influential person in Canada is Stephen Herper, a current Prime Minister of this country. He and his party won elections in 2008 and in 2011 his party won the majority in government. Harper received a lot of honors and became a first Canadian who was awarded a Gold Medallion for Humanitarianism (on June 27, 2008). Despite this, the increasing support among citizens is the main factor which shows the possible influence which a person can make.


As for me, I don bot agree that there is a need for introduction in this kind of assignment. The information about how interesting the theme is and where the family of the author lives in not important. Also, in the first part of the task, the author took a lot of information from the source without any changes. The author ought to rephrase some quotes and not to use it in original variant.

Secondly, I think that the author used too much information about the culture of two countries. It would be wise to use more information about similarities and differences in policy, economy and agricultural spheres, as they are main in the current balance of the world. These spheres determine the place of the country in the international arena.

As for other parts of the work, I totally agree with the author in two things. Firstly, the Keystone Pipelines are not worth being built. The danger which it can produce is bigger than advantages of it. Secondly, I support the fact that the separate party will not work out.

Generally speaking, the author clearly expresses his/her opinion and affordably explains it. The mistake of the author is his discharge from the topic, as I have mentioned above. This introduction makes the essay similar to an article in the newspaper that does not meet requirements of the essay.

I would advise the author to be clearer in his/her statements and in expressing opinion and to answer the question in detail.

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