Western Civilizations

Europe is said to be the most influential continent in the world, this is because it is seen as the most industrialized continent in the world. The continent is also considered to be the first continent that underwent all the kinds of evolutions ranging from agriculture, industry, economy and technology. At the same time the continent is also said to be the introducer of the Christian religion that I now spread in the entire world and at the same considered the most followed religion in the world today.

The continent consists of many countries that have made the great impact on the entire world and they are well known by many nations in the world for both there positive and negative contributions in the world (Coffin & Stacey 2008). Some well-recognized countries in Europe includes Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Russia amongst others that are noted to be countries that have a lot of positive contribution in the technological advancements and economical contributions in making the world technologically advanced and safer and comfortable to live in.

Why Germany Was the Most Successful Country From 1750-1945

The paper is basically going to highlight on Germany and its history as one of the most successful country in the world, dating back from the year 1750 – 1945 immediately after the Second World War. Germany is noted as being one of a country that is believed to be the ignitions and the driving force towards the First and Second World War (Coffin & Stacey 2008). This is because of its influence, availability of natural resources and military man power that was needed in order to dominate and invade other countries and make them their empires and expanding their territories thus expanding there influence and territorial boundary.

In the late 18th century the country is said to amongst the countries in the world that acknowledged the women responsibilities in a given society (Coffin & Stacey 2008). This is when it acknowledged all its women as its citizens and this was determined by the country of origin of the father or the husband, and a move that was aimed at ensuring that the women rights in the country was recognized was the establishment of the Berlin salons. This was a way in which the women basically Jewish women were enlightened and thus resisted to the enlightenment of the German society and provided a level avenue for the German society regardless of the gender, class and religion of the individuals.

The country is also noted to be very successful as a result of the country emphasis on education on all its citizens in this case the country was in the position of being more and more productive in that it emphasized on the education of it citizens without looking at the race ,sex, religious background of the individuals. In this case, the country offered higher education and professional training to all its citizens and this automatically resulted to self-improvement of the country citizens to a point where the citizens will be able to invent and also improve the ways they live. This resulted to the invention of medication and other vaccines that helped the country to stay healthy and also reduce the cases of over depending on other nations for vaccines and medications for preventable or curable diseases.

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These improved in the country’s educational ladder empowered the country to have a lot of professionals who basically improved the economy and social-political state of the country. This is because the women basically studied sociology, natural sciences and laws while the men studied sciences and other architectural works. This definitely helped the country to improve its economy as both the women and men positively and equally contributed in the economy of the country.

The country also established different forms of employment activities that will ensure that the population is in a position of getting an activity that will keep them busy and stop any cases of idleness and destructions; this is when Alice Salomon founded modern social works in Germany, this basically helped the country to be successful (Coffin, & Stacey, 2008). This is when the citizens were able to rely on themselves and not depend on the government for employment; this definitely resulting to the development and growth of the country and at the same time benefit from the social works.

In the early 19th century the country is said to be the most efficient and more stable technologically and militarily; this is when it was seen as the country that lead in the construction and invention of the military equipments that were used in various wars. In this case, the country was leading in the manufacture of guns and tankers that were highly useful for the country in the wars that it participated and also in attacking its enemies and also helping the country to expand its territories. Thus ensuring that the country is in a point of establishing its own territory and also making it feared and sought by other countries; this is by forming alliances with other countries that wanted the country to help it in their wars (Coffin & Stacey 2008). The vast resources that the country had also played a very significant role in making the country to succeed in the military, industrial and economic fields these were some of the reasons that made the country to be seen as the most successful. This is still the case today despite its loosing in both the major wars it participated in that is the First and Second World War.

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