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Many people together with business corporations advertise their goods and services in magazines as they are highly in demand. Therefore, as people read the articles in the magazines, they would take note of the advert. Many magazines put specific adverts in their pages as they target the certain type of the audience, For instance, in the women glossy magazines, you will definitely come across more than 80% advertisements which are aimed at women mostly. Moreover, people who read women glossy magazines are apparently the privileged in terms of lifestyle. They are normally up to date in aspects of fashion, which encompasses designer clothing, fragrance, luxury living, and even household items, and they usually have hefty disposable income. In the 2009 women magazines, they ran numerous adverts on Paris Hilton’s Siren perfume, which was her yet another new fragrance launched into the market. There are multiple advertisement features together with extremities she indeed applies in advertising the fragrance to the people (Paris Hilton Siren).

The purpose of the advert was to inform and influence the audience about the new perfume in town which was the product of Paris Hilton. She chose to post her advert in a magazine rather than a newspaper as magazines have normally greater shelf life than the usual newspapers. Magazines are regularly perused for many months after publication. Therefore, іру had quite a strong audience for even up to 6 months after the initial insertion of the advert into the women magazine. Besides, readers tend to use up more time for each sitting with a periodical than a tabloid so, in essence, there was more probability that the readers would run across the advertisement.

Paris Hilton’s Siren fragrance adverts where she tries to create human interest towards her perfume. Her advert has sex appeal by somehow posing being nude, and this forms sensuality or sexuality which raises curiosity within the audience thus resulting in strong feelings with regard to the advert. People become interested in the perfume as they see how her body is so smooth and supple. This, therefore, makes them go buy it so as to feel the same sensation.

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Siren fragrance is shown off through a mermaid where Paris poses off like a mermaid sitting on a rock in the seashore. The advert creates a lot of attention by Paris dressing up to resemble a golden mermaid. Her Greek feature on mermaids was that they were extremely seductive and sexy, and this enchanted and attracted men to them irresistibly. Therefore, the fragrance brings out the attractiveness nature and sexiness, and this makes the audience want to purchase it as after all, there is not any lady who does not want to have enjoyment by being a fancy creature men cannot resist. The name Siren depicts the sirens who enticed men to their demise with their spectacular beautiful voices. Thus, the perfume name attracts audience too.

The background of the advertisement is complemented with a mandarin orange color, which denotes the components of the siren bottle, which is blended vanilla and musk, as well as the splashy water behind Paris, indicates water lily mixed with the vanilla to form an alluring scent. It is quite clear that the fragrance is aimed at creating a seductive, sexy and mellow atmosphere charming to the magazines audience who are mostly women (Paris Hilton Siren).

The perfume’s bottle itself is youthful, whimsical, but it is not unsophisticated. It is visualized to be flowing like the mermaid’s tail with pleats that twirl around to bring to mind an unprompted splash. A mermaid allure droops at the neck, playful and polished giving out a picture of sexy through playfulness.

Style is adversely exemplified in the advert where, for instance, Paris Hilton herself uses her image to advertise her product. She is famously known as a pretty and glamorous iconic woman, and through her celebrity status, many people would who admire her would be much attracted to try out the product so that they can just be associated with her. Her feminine appeal to the audience at glance would bring out a perfect and sexy woman; thus, this impression would definitely drive people to purchase the perfume.

The advert picture carries with it lots of humor and funniness where one does not imagine Paris becoming or rather being a mermaid. Mermaids were fictitious creatures found in mythology. Therefore, the audience seeing her pictured up like a mermaid seated at the seaside brings out the sense of humor, and through that many are attracted and tempted to own that fragrance due to much anticipation of probably turning into a beautiful mermaid; it is the art and creativity in advertisement that attracts to the customers.

The main aim to advertise one’s product in the media, whereby in this case it is in a magazine is with the anticipation that the audience will definitely notice it and thereafter be appealed and purchase it. In Paris Hilton’s Siren perfume advert, many features are used to ensure that the commercial attracts everyone reading the magazine thus being lured to buying it. Although she might have taken the advert too far in terms of using a mermaid, the message is clear that her fragrance brings out sexiness and glamour in women, which is the sole idea among all women in buying perfumes as they want to become lovely and sexy. Actually, the commercial attracted many customers through the vast employed techniques of advertising.

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