A Dinner at Brahma’s with Leading Figures of the World

This is a scenario of a Dinner Event at the residence of a Brahma, where World Leading Personalities including Sita, Mahavira, Siddharta Gautama, Confucius and Loazi are invited. Due to different religious backgrounds and different ethical values, there was an atmosphere of tension and strong disagreements. The following is a dialogue between the leading figures at the dinner table. We should keep one thing mind, that the dinner is made and served in the house of a Brahma, a Hindu God.

Before we being to narrate the incident, let us take a short look at each of the guests, individually. Sita, a Goddess in the Hindu Tradition, she is the wife of God Rama is a symbol of wifely and womanly virtues. Gautama, an Indian philosopher who is also the founder of the religion Buddhism. Confucius and Laozi both Chinese philosophers. And Mahavira, who is a Jaina teacher.

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We see that the leading figures have arrived in the Dinning Hall and are already engaged in constructive conversations. After some time the host, invites them towards the Dinning Table so the feast may begin. As the room was filled with men, they all showed their respect towards Sita and let her choose her position on the table, Sita was obviously much uncomfortable to sit beside a man, and finally chose to sit next to Brahma, thinking it is best to sit with a Hindu God. Laozi suspected this and questioned her, “Your Highness Sita, don’t you think this discriminatory of you to choose to sit next to a God; I believe God resides in the heart of every person”. Sita resented this remark, “There is no such thought in my heart and I wish to sit beside Brahma only to have a conversation on Vedic literature”. Mahavira who lead an extreme ascetic life was not even in favor of eating at a table or with the entire lavish feast and had prejudices storming through his brain. Confucius, on the other hand, was much interested in sitting down with Loazi so he would exchange the principles of antiquity with someone who would actually have respect for them. As the feast was being served at Braham’s house, it was composed of only earthy sources. Squash, beans, eggplant, peas, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, lettuce and a few others made into a diverse range of dishes and sweet dishes as well. Loazi and Confucius were disappointed to find no noodles or fish or mushrooms, Brahma and other orthodox Hindus considered them intoxicating. Siddhartha Gautama who was an extremely humble person at heart and mind was the first one to select a random chair, “Everyone is equal, to eliminate the suffering of humankind we must accept that no man is above or beneath the other”, he added. Laozi and Confucius followed behind hoping to sit next to each other and not next to Mahavira who sat in front of Sita beside Gautama. Sita was offended to know that a mere Jaina teacher was going to eat in front of a Goddess such as herself.

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Before the feast began, Sita sprinkled water around her food, chanting hymns in order to make food pure for Gods and also sipped a few drops of water to clean her throat. Mahavira was exceptionally relieved to find that were no poultry items or seafood on the table, in Jainism people are not allowed to devour such eatables. Each of the individual began to nibble on the choice of their dish or the ones they preferred on the others. Gautama Buddha refrained from even touching Garlic, seeing this Confucius asked him, “Gautama Buddha, why do you seem to ignore the garlic dish placed right next to you?” “I withdraw myself from eating garlic, leeks and onion as they are said to raise both sexual desire and anger and my beliefs do not approve of this”, Gautama replied modestly. Upon this Laozi asked Braham the reason for not finding any meat on the dinner table, Brahma responded to him, “Although some Hindus may eat meat, I abstain from it completely and my religion does not allow to even touching of beef, the Cow, is sacred to us, we would never slaughter our “Mother Cow”. It was Gautama Buddha, who the first one to finish his meal, upon was asked by Loazi that why he had eaten much little as compared others, he replied, “I believe to eat only half to my needs, so there is space for modesty and thankfulness in my body”. Soon to follow him was Mahavira, Brahma and then Sita where Confucius and Laozi gave a considerable acceptable time to their meals, as the strongly believed in ideologies of patience and gratitude towards nature bounties.

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